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With students gearing up for back to school, the time to start thinking about fall approaches. Autumn décor heralds the changing of the seasons within the home, and the right fall floral arrangements make all the difference. Consider these floral ideas, which range from cinnamon-scented pine cone accents to chrysanthemum arrangements, says Better Homes & Gardens.

1. Floral Arrangements That Include Pinecones or Miniature Pumpkins.

Any floral arrangement can take on the warm notes of fall with the addition of miniature or artificial pumpkins and scented pinecones. Simply add a few cones to the top of your floral vase after arranging your flowers.

2. Fall Colored Flowers Arranged in Bowl, Placed Inside a Cornucopia.

Another great idea uses a bowl as a vase. Arrange a few fall-colored flowers, such as gold, purple, white and orange, within a bowl, and place the bowl just on the inside of a cornucopia. It makes a stunning centerpiece for any table. Another option is to arrange fall flowers within the cornucopia itself, letting the blooms spill over the edge, as explained by HGTV. Of course, such arrangements will wilt faster than those with stems placed in water.

3. Custom Branch Wreath or Vase Arrangements.

Fall’s changing colors work well with branch arrangements. Consider creating a wreath of flower stems before they dry completely. Or, arrange dried branches within a vase. It adds a touch of fall to the air.

4. Combine Gourds, Apples and Branches to Create a One-of-a-Kind Masterpiece.

Gourds, apples, and branches make an excellent addition to the home. Simply place these atop a vase after adding water and arranging other flowers. This works the same way as using pine cones in your arrangements and works well with tabletop décor, says Better Homes & Gardens.

5. Orange Roses with Purple Flowers and Golden Accents.

Fall rose arrangements may also combine the intricate petal designs with purple lilies and golden chrysanthemums. This creates a fall-like rainbow of color that adds vitality to the space.

6. Placing Gold, White and Yellow Roses and Chrysanthemums in a Hollow Gourd.

For those wanting a bit more from gourds, consider using the gourd as a vase. Cut off the top, hollowing out the inside as well. This creates a vase that can hold weighty arrangements too, and it works throughout the year for those that grow gourds year-round.

7. Orange Lilies Around a Central Cactus.

Cactus and lily arrangements combine exotic and relaxation-inducing flowers to create a unique appearance. Of course, if children are around, consider opting for a succulent cactus, even those that do not produce as many needles.

8. Daisies Accenting Dark Red Roses.

Instead of using Baby’s Breath to accent rose arrangements, consider a switch with white or yellow daisies. The contrast adds a flair to the arrangement.

9. A Shinning Vase of Sunflowers to Accent Your Tables.

Sunflowers work well in any season, but their bold, vibrant color stands out in the autumn. As the leaves wilt, their changing hues echo the changing foliage of the outdoors.

10. Chrysanthemums of Varying Fall Colors.

Any fall floral discussion remains incomplete without chrysanthemums. Also known more commonly as “Mums,” chrysanthemums are among the most popular fall flowers. They work well in fall arrangements of all types, and they bloom throughout the season, reports Gardener’s Path. This makes them an excellent choice for your next arrangement.

Choose a Fall Florist That Will Unlock the Warmth and Cozy Nature of Your Autumnal Home.

The right fall floral notes will add a sense of harmony and calm to your home this upcoming season. Each florist offers arrangements of different names, but instead of focusing on the names, look for those with arrangements available with the above-listed ideas for fall colors and popular flowers. Find out more about available fall floral arrangements by contacting us online today.

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