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Flowers as Gifts

There are a lot of life occasions that are perfect for giving flowers. However, not every flower is always perfect for the person or the occasion. Often, flower types and colours have a lot of symbolism behind them. Understanding that symbolism can allow you to make the right choice for the situation at hand. Here are some of the top flowers for many popular occasions and the reasons they make good choices.


Image of two Cala Lilies

Flowers are central components of most weddings. They are used for everything from marital bouquets to bridesmaid baskets. Selecting the perfect flowers for your wedding day is often a matter of personal preference. It can also be a matter of personal style or current fashion trends. Here are some common wedding flowers and their meanings to consider:

  • Red roses symbolize love and passion.
  • Calla lilies are symbolic of elegance and can give a wedding a regal tone.
  • Hydrangeas can help you express the sentiment that your love can endure challenges.
  • Gardenias are the flowers of joy and happiness.
  • Most white flowers typically symbolize purity.


Some sources have traced the earliest celebration of wedding anniversaries to the Ancient Romans. Not all experts agree on that, but experts do agree celebrating anniversaries is important. It provides opportunities to remember and celebrate positive events within your relationship. When picking out anniversary flowers, there are specific established guidelines. Certain flowers represent specific numbers of years together. Start with those guidelines when making your decision. They are:

  • Five Years: Daisies
  • Ten Years: Daffodils
  • Fifteen Years: Roses
  • Twenty Years: Asters
  • Twenty-Five Years: Irises
  • Thirty Years: Lilies

Another choice you need to make is what colour flowers you want. Most types of flowers come in many different colours. A bright bouquet full of different colours is often a great choice. There is also no going wrong with pink or red flowers when it comes to anniversaries. They represent passion, love, and romance. However, it is never a good idea to present your partner with yellow anniversary flowers. Most yellow flowers represent platonic friendship. 


When you want to congratulate someone on a life-changing event, such as a promotion at work, there are many flowers that can do the job. One option is to present him or her with daffodils, which represent the start of something new. Another option is to present your loved one with a bouquet of orchids. Orchids are typically given to new graduates because they represent maturity and transitioning to adulthood. Although, they can also mark the process of maturing into another stage of work or life, such as promotion or retirement. If your loved one is celebrating such a change, daisies are also appropriate. They are symbolic of prosperity, cheerfulness, and friendship.

Mother’s Day 

When you want to celebrate your mother or anyone you view as a mom-like figure in your life, such as a teacher or mother-in-law, on Mother’s Day, options abound. You can simply present her with a bouquet of her favorite flowers to mark the day. Alternatively, choose flowers with appropriate symbolism for what you want to say to her. Here are some options:

  • Gerbera Daisies for Happiness and Joy
  • Red Carnations for Admiration
  • Pink Carnations for Gratitude
  • Red Tulips for Love
  • Yellow Tulips for Good Spirits and Sunshine
  • Day Lilies Because They Are Symbolic of Motherhood

Image if a bunch of white Orchids.

Thank You 

The importance of saying “thank you” is undeniable. It is ingrained in cultures across the world. Religious sects teach the importance of thanking various higher powers on a regular basis. Families also instruct children from young ages to always be polite by saying “please” and “thank you.” That is because showing gratitude creates deeper connections, both to higher powers and in day-to-day life.

When a special someone goes out of his or her way to help you, it is important to show how much you appreciate it. You can do that with a “thank you” bouquet. Carnations, lilies, and daisies are the top flowers to include in such a bouquet. However, a bouquet given in gratitude is a deeply personal thing. One of the best ways to make it special is to include flowers you already know the recipient loves or flowers in his or her favorite colours.

Get Well Soon 

Get well floral arrangements are often difficult to choose. One issue to consider is where your loved one is staying. Whenever hospitalization is involved, there are rules to follow. Some hospitals do not allow flowers at all or restrict them to only arrangements with light scents. In such cases, irises or tulips are often still allowed. 

When your loved one is convalescing at home, you have a wider array of floral options from which to pick. Always select an arrangement that shows off a lot of greenery. Green symbolizes good health. Also, choose any flowers that have large, bright blossoms to encourage equally bright smiles and a cheerful outlook. A good mood is sure to help with the recovery process.

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