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Lavender has a long history of helping people feel better. Since at least Medieval times, people have used this plant to boost their moods and calm their presences. Even back when jousting was a typical sport and cobblestone streets paved the way for citizens everywhere, people knew this flower had a lot of power.
So, what’s with lavender, and why do so many people rely on its renowned properties?

1. Reduction of Anxiety

Lavender is composed of a high concentration of volatile oils, which is why the plant has such a strong aroma. The aroma elicits positive effects from the olfactory glands (the smelling senses that connect the things you smell to the parts of the brain that recognize those scents). Lavender’s natural ability to calm the mind and ease people’s bodies is a holistic approach to reducing anxiety. Many people report that simply smelling these flowers boosts their moods and alleviates unnecessary stress. Lavender can also be used in essential oils and many bath products to procure the calming effects that naturally arise from the plant itself.

2. Introduction of Better Sleep

Insomnia is often associated with anxiety, which pits these two bullet points together in perfect harmony. When people are able to ease their minds, they fall asleep faster and sleep longer without interruptions. If you suffer from sleep problems, consider putting a vase of lavender on your nightstand and spray your sheets and pillowcases with lavender essential oils.

3. Minimized Gastrointestinal Issues

Lavender is an edible plant, and it’s a great flower to have on hand if you suffer from gastrointestinal issues. People who suffer from “nervous stomachs” often infuse lavender into their daily diets as a way of calming their digestive tracts. Lavender can be incorporated into just about any food and drink, including lemonade, sorbet, and potato toppings. If you suffer from a bad stomach, it won’t hurt to give this floral beauty a chance when you’re setting up your shopping list!

4. Limited Depression

Although depression and anxiety are two different things, they often go hand-in-hand. People who experience one disorder usually have at least a tinge of the other. Since lavender has been shown to reduce anxiety, it also does well for people who suffer depression . It should never be used as a replacement for prescription medication, but the holistic approach of adding lavender flowers to your space certainly won’t cause any harm; in the end, you could end up feeling even better with the scent of lavender wafting through the air.

5. Reduction of High Blood Pressure

Maybe it’s just the simple act of inhaling slowly and deeply, or perhaps the plant has something to do with it all by itself, but when people breathe the floral scents of lavender, they’ve been shown to have reduced blood pressure. This is a heart-healthy benefit that’s good for the whole body.

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