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Discover five flowers that look so happy they’ll help you spread some cheer and happiness to others.
Do you smile every time you look at flowers? You’re not alone. In fact, studies have shown that flowers really do make us happy. The bright colours of flowers can trigger the reward signal in your brain, making you feel good. Flowers also stimulate social trust and remind us of relationships, which can result in the release of oxytocin, the feel-good hormone.

But it’s not just seeing flowers that make us feel happy – it’s receiving them. Researchers found that getting flowers improved mood more than merely seeing them.

Want to spread a little happiness to someone you love? Here are five gorgeous, happy-looking flowers that are sure to make a special loved one smile.

1 – Sunflowers

Look at a sunflower, and you can’t help but smile. They just look happy. Not only do they remind us of the sun, but these lovely blossoms actually follow the sun throughout the day. Their head will track the sun through the sky, and wherever the light is, sunflowers will find it.

Perhaps sunflowers are a reminder to keep our own face in the sun, and these cheerful buds are the perfect way to brighten someone’s day, whether they’re recovering from illness, having a birthday, or they just need a little encouragement.

2 – Daisies

Daises, particularly gerbera daisies, are a favorite among many people because they’re so bright and cheery. Available in many bright colours, they’re the perfect “get well” gift and a wonderful choice if you want to send a “thinking of you” bouquet.

3 – Lily of the Valley

A recent exhibit at the Chelsea Flower Show tracked expression, engagement, and eye movement to figure out which flowers and plants were the most popular. The winning plant for the nation, with more than 30,000 people visiting the exhibit, was lily of the valley.

Seeing these little bell-like flowers that move gracefully in the wind triggers memories of long walks in the woods or playing in the woods as children. Gorgeous alone or with other flowers, you may want to gift a lily of the valley plant so your loved one can continue enjoying these dainty buds for years to come.

4 – Tulips

Tulips have simple, soft blooms, and they come in so many stunning colours, which makes them perfect for brightening a day or lightening the mood. Perhaps it’s their simplicity that makes them so attractive and well-loved. A large vase full of tulips is the perfect gift for a birthday, for a brand-new mom, or they make a lovely hostess gift.

5 – Roses

Roses are one of the most commonly gifted flowers, and they bring joy for so many different occasions. Red roses are a romantic choice, yellow roses are a lovely tribute to friendship, and pink roses offer a perfect way to show your love.

No matter the occasion, you’ll never go wrong with a bouquet of roses. Even if you just want to invest in a bouquet to brighten your own day and your home. Cheer up someone you love or buy some roses for yourself to add a special touch of happiness to the day.

Flowers really do make you happy, and these five flowers are some of the most beloved choices that are sure to bring a smile to you or to someone you love.

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