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Today, of course, we love flowers for their beauty and pizzazz more than their ability to keep evil spirits at bay – though we wouldn’t say no to that either. If you’re wondering how to jazz up your next picnic, garden party, wedding, or anything else, here’s your handy guide to all things floral. 

Outdoor events absolutely scream for flowers. You can’t have a wedding or garden party without them, certainly, but even picnics and barbecues do better with blossoms on hand. Some of the most common outdoor events where you’ll want flowers to include:

  • Garden parties: Blooms that complement the garden’s showy colors work well here.
  • Outdoor dinners: Dining al fresco? Decorate the table with a round centerpiece or long rectangles between guests.
  • Barbecues: Yes, even the downhome barbecue does better with blooms.
  • Reunions: Flowers are fun whether your reunion surrounds family, law school alumni, or old work buddies.
  • Shop openings: Don’t waste that chance to make a good first impression!
  • Picnics: Whether your picnic is for two or twenty, flowers take it to the next level.

Indoor Events That Call for Flowers

In some ways, an indoor event needs flowers even more than one that’s held outside because of the lack of natural beauty in most places where functions are held: offices, convention centers, ballrooms, and so forth. Even in the warm, cozy atmosphere of a residence, though, adding blooms takes any party to the next level.

  • Dinner parties: Indoor dinner parties aren’t complete without a bouquet or two on the table – low enough to see over!
  • Engagement parties: Celebrate new love and upcoming nuptials with flowers in the bride and groom’s colors.
  • Corporate functions: Showing off a new product or brand reveal? Flowers are a must-have in your corporate colors.
  • Trade shows: Yes, even prosaic showrooms benefit from floral arrangements, which draw attention to your corner or booth.
  • Birthdays and anniversaries: Make the birthday girl or golden couple feel extra-special with an assortment of blooms on their special day.

Use the Language of Flowers

Did you know there is a language of flowers? Yes, blooms can say almost anything you need them to, according to the Victorians. Most of us use them in one of two ways: “I love you” or “I’m sorry,” but in fact, buds and blossoms do so much more.

According to the American Farmer’s Almanac, which saw its first publication during the early 1800s, the language of flowers is shockingly comprehensive. While you’ve got your standard calla lily for beauty and pink rose for happiness, the yellow rose means jealousy or infidelity, and the geranium means stupidity. (Okay, so perhaps the language of flowers is sometimes a little outdated.)

Still, many of us instinctively understand the power of white for mourning, forget-me-nots for tenderness, and honeysuckle for simple bonds of love. Putting this language to work at your next event can be a fun way to share your feelings and educate your guests at the same time – perhaps with a little card explaining the meaning of each flower you chose.

Prefer to have the florist just work with a color scheme and ditch all the “constancy” and “pride” and “Tears of the Virgin Mary”? (That one’s lily-of-the-valley if you’re curious.) Just call them up and they’ll help you choose the right theme.

Where to Put Flowers

All right, you’ve planned your event. You’ve decided on blooms. Now where to put them?

The locations of your flowers will naturally follow the form and function of your party. If you’re holding it indoors, then you’ll want to create both focal points around the outside of the room – near entrances, tables, and altars – as well as scattered throughout the internal space.

Outdoors, you’re more likely to have beauty all around, so you’ll want to focus your attention on decorating your tables, drink stations, photo areas, and so on. Either way, here are a few of the best spots to place adornment:

  • The ends of aisles and pews
  • Arches, doorways, and stairways
  • Chandeliers
  • In ponds and pools
  • As backdrops for photos
  • On cakes and in food
  • In arrangements near food and drinks

Well-placed flowers are one of the easiest ways to create a sense of place for your guests, and one of the things they will remember most when the last crumb is eaten and the last taxi has left. So, make sure you do it right by ordering well ahead of time.

Ordering Flowers for Your Events… Big and Small

Your florist will guide you through the process of ordering flowers, but it’s good to have some information on hand ahead of time to help them quickly quote you a price and book you:

  • What is the date?
  • How many tables are there at your event?
  • How many people?
  • How long is the event?
  • What are the colors of your wedding, brand, theme, etc.?
  • What are the main “stations” at your event?

Remember that flowers are seasonal and sometimes limited in quantity, especially if you care about certain types. Don’t wait to order them for your next event. The sooner you can check this task off your list, the happier you’ll be knowing your event will have its game face on. Call today!