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“I end not far from my going forth by picking the faded blue of the last remaining aster flower to carry again to you.” 

–Robert Frost

With fall, a most poetic season has arrived and, with it, lots of floral favorites. Blossoms that are essential for autumn (as well as birth flowers for the fall months) include asters, morning glories, marigolds, cosmos, and chrysanthemums. 

“The native perennial species of our meadows — milkweeds, asters, Joe-Pye weed, and others — will make one more offering in fall, as if they haven’t given enough already. They will offer up their seed.” Asters are the birth flower for the month of September. Not only are they beautiful, classic, and plentiful, but they are also important for pollination. They attract butterflies and bees, and, as we all know, the bee population is in danger of becoming extinct. 

“Open afresh your round of starry folds, Ye ardent marigolds!” –John Keats

  • September’s noted birth flowers are the aster and morning glory, while October is known for marigolds (think Dia de los Muertos) and cosmos—one of the loveliest wildflowers ever. 
  • With the word “aster” literally meaning “star,” we immediately can see why: an aster is a small, delicate daisy-like bloom that looks like a blue star with a yellow center. 
  • Just as the weather starts to get slightly cool at the beginning of fall, we are greeted in the mornings with lovely morning glories. 

They are such a delight because they are fleeting: their blossoms close in the evenings.

(Photo courtesy of Hook’s Greenhouse)

  • Marigolds are the quintessential autumnal flower: the orange and yellow flowers fit the season as they resemble perfectly round pumpkins. They go with everything and create a festive tableau when placed on any table, front porch, or windowsill. All you need now are some fallen leaves and a big fat Jack-o-Lantern with a yellow candle glowing inside.
  • Marigolds are also great for deterring garden pests. Their pungent but pleasant aroma keeps rabbits, deer, and certain insects from disturbing your flower patch.

(Chrysanthemums by Yoneda Tomoko, 2011) 

  • Chrysanthemums (along with peonies) are the official birth flower for November. A sturdy blossom that varies from small (button mums) to large, football-shaped clouds, the chrysanthemum is classic. Not only do they last for ages in a bouquet, but they also do very well when potted and are a staple for the fall season (especially the yellow, burgundy, brown, and orange varieties). 

Chrysanthemums from Chelsea Flowers 

  • The Bright and Beautiful bouquet—filled with roses, forget-me-nots, dahlias, and multi-colored chrysanthemums (or “mums”)—is the perfect gift for your Scorpio friends! 

  • Blooming Marvelous: There’s nothing more marvelous than an arrangement comprised of roses, gerberas, alstroemeria (Lily of the Incas), and santini chrysanthemums (which are a small variety of mums with green heads or daisy-like white petals encircling a yellow center). 

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