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With Valentine’s Day comes the usual worry about what to purchase for your loved ones. Should you go with the traditional roses bouquet, or go for something that captures your beloved’s personality and style? Should you go with a floral gift basket, or pair the flowers with chocolates? What color of flowers should you get? It’s really enough to make your head spin, when trying to decide.

Luckily, we’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you. Answer a few simple questions and you’ll be able to choose flowers for Valentines Day without worry or fuss.

Question One: How much do you want to spend?

For many, the idea of getting a dozen long-stemmed roses may seem daunting, and expensive. While they are still the traditional go-to for Valentine’s Day, there are still other rose options that may sit lighter on your wallet. Speak with your florist about mixed-color roses, short stemmed roses, and bud roses (those that don’t ever open). Additionally, roses don’t have to be the only option. There are gorgeous arrangements to be made from a wide assortment of flowers, many of them far more fragrant than roses.

Question Two: Who are the Valentines Day Flowers for?

The Valentine flowers you choose for your mother will be VERY different from those you select for your sweetheart. In general, keep the person for whom you are purchasing the flowers in mind. Do they have any allergies? If so, fragrant stargazer lilies, while beautiful, may cause your family member of sweetheart to sneeze her head off. Are the Valentine’s flowers for a teenager or a younger child? Then there are a large number of arrangements that can take their favorite hobbies into account, as well as their favorite color.

Question Three: Do you want to include an additional gift with the Valentine’s Day Flowers?

If you feel that you’d like to partner the Valentine’s flowers with something else consider the person you are giving the flowers to. Flowers can be partnered with nearly anything. Some of the more popular additions include wine, champagne, chocolate, strawberries, balloons, and cookies. However, you can just as easily partner them with bath and body products, his or her favorite perfume or cologne, or a plush animal. For a sexier version, some even include lingerie. Check with your florist to see what the shop has already available, or purchase the flowers separately and then add your own customized touch.

Question Four: How long do you want them to last?

Sadly, cut flowers are on a clock from the moment they are picked. However, certain varieties as well as the additives placed in the water can extend their short lives a bit longer. Chrysanthemums will last a very long time as long as you change the water more frequently, while roses will only last about a week, even with the water additive mixed in. Most flowers that have thicker stems tend to last longer, whereas the woodier the stems the less time you will have. Another way to extend their life is to take them out of the water every few days and trim the stems back just a little more. This allows for the water to continue to flow a while longer.

Selecting Valentine’s Day flowers, and choosing the right flower for Valentine’s Day can be as unique as the person giving them, and the person receiving them. Keep these four questions in mind when deciding what to purchase, then speak with your local florist to see what wonderful ideas they may suggest. After all, flowers are their business and they are more than happy to assist with this special occasion.

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