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How to Still Get Flowers During Lockdown…and How Safe Is It?

During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, we are all learning a new language of sorts. For example, words like “essential” and “non-essential” are frequently bandied about. The question is what items are actually essential? When you think of essential items, you may not think of flowers, but you should. The truth is flowers definitely belong on that list.
According to many studies, flowers can impact your mood. Both their vibrant colors and their alluring scents can contribute to how you feel in a positive way. The right flowers can do anything from help you express your love to someone else to help you calm your nerves. For example, chrysanthemums are proven stress relievers. Simply receiving flowers of any kind can also make anyone you send them to feel appreciated and thought of. Such things are particularly important when we are all cooped up during lockdown. When you cannot see a loved one yourself, the next best thing is to make sure he or she receives the gift of flowers. However, you do still have to ask certain questions. How can you get them while you are stuck at home? Also, how safe is it to order them for your own home, or to send them to someone else? Read on for some answers.

How the Local/Hometown Floral Industry Has Been Affected by COVID-19

The first thing you need to know is the floral industry is quite different than it was prior to the COVID-19 crisis. Many small florists have even had to close their doors temporarily or permanently for reasons like:

  • The first thing you need to know is the floral industry is quite different than it was prior to the COVID-19 crisis. Many small florists have even had to close their doors temporarily or permanently for reasons like:
  • Demand for flowers to supply large events like weddings and holiday celebrations has dropped substantially since many of those events have been postponed or downsized significantly.
  • Certain hospitals and nursing homes have tightened regulations surrounding deliveries of flowers and other gifts.
  • Supply chains for certain flowers have been interrupted, especially for smaller florists. However, our Chelsea Flower Shop remains open for curbside, delivery and online ordering. Note we are located in the U.K. and are not shipping internationally.

How Your Ability to Access Flowers Has Changed

Depending on the area in which you live, it is quite possible your local florist shops are not currently open. Therefore, you might have no access to in-person flower selection. Even if your local florist shops are open, you might not feel comfortable visiting them. After all, the point of lockdown is to avoid people with whom you do not reside as much as possible. It may not be worth it to you to go flower shopping in person right now, especially if you or someone you know is diabetic, elderly, or otherwise in a high-risk group for contracting a more severe case of COVID-19. But, luckily, there are alternatives.

How Online Flower Ordering is Saving the Industry Itself and People Who Love Flowers

During lockdown, the best way to get flowers is by ordering them online.Online ordering is keeping a lot of florists in business. It is also helping the floral industry, as a whole, to stay active, despite lockdown constraints. Additionally, online ordering of flowers can save you and other people who are cooped up during this medical crisis from sadness, boredom, and other negative feelings. By bringing a bit of the outside in, flowers remind us all that there is still a world outside that we can hopefully return to soon. Using the online ordering process, you can:

  • Use flowers to brighten your own mood.
  • Make your home brighter and cheerier for all of your household members.
  • • Have flowers delivered to loved ones so they still know you are thinking of them in these uncertain times.

Safety Concerns Surrounding Ordering Items Online During Lockdown

The obvious concern you may have about ordering flowers, or any other items for that matter, is personal safety. When considering how safe the process is, you need to think about the preparation of the flowers, as well as the delivery system. You also need to consider the packaging.
In terms of preparation, florists are like all other business owners right now. Everyone is doing their best to clean and sterilize all of their work areas, as well as their delivery vehicles. You also need to understand the length of time the Coronavirus is able to survive on surfaces. In some cases, it dies within hours. However, there are some surfaces on which it can survive for hours or days. That is why, although ordering flowers online is as safe as ordering any other product, it is important to handle each delivery with care.

Final Tips for Ordering the Best Flowers During Lockdown

Before ordering flowers for someone else during lockdown, look into their meanings, as well as the potential feelings they can create. For example, peach roses often symbolize gratitude. You can also reduce the risk when ordering flowers for yourself or a loved one by requesting no-contact delivery. Typically, no-contact delivery means a package is placed outside your door. Many florists and other businesses have implemented phone calls or text messages to provide notification when a package has been delivered. Be sure to get your flowers into a vase quickly and dispose of any packaging to stay safe.
In response to the latest UK Government guidelines regarding Covid-19 we will be operating a limited service. Feel free to contact us for any questions.

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