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Every flower has storied traditions, symbolism or meanings behind them. For those reasons, certain flowers are more popular than others, especially when it comes to gifting them to loved ones on special occasions, like Mother’s Day. Giving and receiving flowers from loved ones is an old tradition that people have continued to practice around the world for centuries. Although flowers have a beautiful aesthetic, the meaning behind flowers is the other factor that makes flowers a popular choice of gift on holidays and special occasions. Before Mother’s Day, people often search for the perfect set of flowers to give to their mother. Fortunately, there are several flowers that have a good message behind their beautiful visages. The right flower gifted to a mother could make a memorable gift for the ages.

Tulips for Mother’s Day



Popular and colorful, tulips possess a long history and several meanings based on the color of the flower. For example, red tulips represent true love, like the eternally popular red rose. Pink tulips communicate happiness and best wishes for the receiver. White tulips represent forgiveness, while yellow tulips show cheerfulness to the recipient.

Peonies for Mother’s Day

Peonies are best known for symbolizing richness and honor. However, they are not an exclusively affluent flower. These beautiful flowers are commonly available in premade bouquets, making them a conveniently thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. That does not rule out planning a peony bouquet for Mom, however, so it is encouraged to look around for a peony gift that best fits her tastes.

Roses for Mother’s Day


Roses come in more colors than red, such as pinks, yellows, whites and even rainbow hues. For Mother’s Day, a bouquet of white roses is an excellent way to say thank you to one’s mother, since white roses symbolize thoughtfulness. Pink roses also make a good Mother’s Day gift, as they symbolize admiration and gentleness.

Carnations for Mother’s Day


Carnations are long lasting flowers that make great gift ideas for Mother’s Day. The carnation flower generally represents love, though carnations in other colors symbolize other emotions. Pink carnations, for example, can symbolize the undying love of a mother, making them a top choice for Mother’s Day. Carnations are a versatile flower in general, so it is suggested to gift a color that fits the personality of the mother in question.

Sunflowers for Mother’s Day


These tall and beautiful flowers have an iconic look that exudes a summer and spring feeling. Sunflowers also have a storied history involving Native American culture and agriculture. The sunflower is strongly associated with warmth and happiness. A sunflower arrangement may be the perfect Mother’s Day gift for mothers who have a bubbly or warm personality.

Orchids for Mother’s Day


Orchids are a popular flower to plant right at home. A flowering plant, orchids are considered a very exotic and beautiful flower to give as a gift to loved ones like Mom. Pink orchids, in particular, are known to represent grace and femininity, which makes orchids in shades of pink great gifts for Mother’s Day.

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