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What Should I Use in Centerpieces and Floral Arrangements for Fall?

  • Twigs have become increasingly popular for fall and winter weddings because they’re perfect for those on a budget, are unique and inventive.
  • Instead of paying exorbitant amounts of money on fresh flowers, many have chosen to use sticks to build arbors and arches. Some even use tree limbs to make a bold statement at fall and winter-themed weddings and events.
  • Even desserts are embellished with rustic-looking twigs and berries. Take a cue from Martha Stewart Weddings for tips on cake décor.
  • Branches can be used for more than just bouquets; they really make a statement as an addition to centerpieces or as a wall hanging.


Exactly What Kind of Branches, Twigs and Berries Are We Talking About?

  • Curly Willow Branches: There’s nothing more whimsical or ornate than winding branches in a wreath, centerpiece, or bouquet.
  • Pussy Willow: On their own, these make sublime centerpieces as they are tall, sturdy, and unique. They are also attractive additions to any décor year-round as they are both elegant and rustic simultaneously.
  • Holly Berries: Perfect for Christmas!
  • Fresh Olive Branches: Freshly-cut, dried, or artificial olive branches serve as a symbol of forgiveness. They also add a Mediterranean feel to any occasion and are a wonderful source of ostentatious greenery.
  • Purple Callicarpa: Also known as “Early Amethyst,” these shrubs produce berry-covered branches and are appropriate for decorating year-round. With their bright purple hue, the clumps of berries are pleasing to the eye and last through October.
  • Agonis Branches: Native to Western Australia, these are perfect—fresh or dried—as an addition to any bouquet or floral arrangement as the branches add height and lots of dimensions.
  • Red Ilex Berry Branches: Also known as “winterberry” branches, these are beautiful enough to stand alone in a bouquet or as an accent.
  • Cotton Branches: With their fluffy white blossom, these stalks (fresh or artificial) make a statement.
  • Viburnum Berries: These come in a wide variety of colors (depending on how ripe they are), while the cranberry bush produces eye-catching red berries.
  • Yellow Forsythia: Most people associate forsythia with the beginning of spring, but artificial stems have become increasingly popular and are attractive year-round.
  • Ninebark Branches: When not in bloom, Ninebark bushes have beautiful crimson-colored leaves that are perfect for a rustic-themed event.
  • Pumpkin Trees: This plant produces fruits that resemble tiny pumpkins and are perfect for fall.

“Cheering” Bouquet/

What Does Chelsea Flowers Have to Offer?

  • Chelsea Flowers has some of the most beautiful arrangements out there when it comes to incorporating berries, twigs, and even thistle.
  • The Cheering bouquet is one of the most beautiful floral arrangements imaginable for this time of year: with yellow roses, orange gerbera, and red Hypericum berries, the bright colors flow together wonderfully to create a cheerful ambiance.
  • The Cabin Fever arrangement is comprised of rose, Hypericum berries, and thistle.
  • Frosty Fun is the perfect winter-themed floral arrangement as it’s filled with vivid red roses, berries and pine.

For more information regarding Chelsea Flowers and their gorgeous floral arrangements for every occasion, consult these websites:

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