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“The falling leaves drift by the window,

The autumn leaves of red and gold…”

-Autumn Leaves (written by Johnny Mercer, sang by Nat King Cole)

Autumn Leaves, Acorns and Twigs, Indian Corn, Fresh Flowers, Gourds and More! 

Make your fall wreaths and wall hangings as beautiful and festive as possible! Go from rustic and shabby-chic to elegant and romantic with a few helpful tips on autumn décor.

  • Try a wreath (whether it’s a fun DIY project, something you order from the florist, or an artificial one to last for seasons to come) filled with elements from nature. Of course, red and gold foliage is best for a sensational front door statement. A perfect fall look on its own but, when combined with flourishes of acorns and twigs, the wreath will really stand out and look exceptionally festive.
  • Dried flowers, fruits (such as orange slices), and eucalyptus all combine to make a bohemian statement. Use sticks of vanilla and cinnamon for fun flourishes.
  • Indian Corn is an element of decoration that’s perfect for this time of year and is usually used around the time of the harvest and Thanksgiving (in the U.S.). 
  • Tufts of cotton, corn husks, twine, dried grasses, berries, hay, and burlap: For a shabby-chic, rustic look, use all things that are dried and entwine your elements onto a grapevine wreath. This will create a bucolic image of country living (perfect for a farmhouse or cottage). Don’t limit these décor ideas to only wreaths: try creating memorable centerpieces, garlands, and wall hangings. These work beautifully on a mantelpiece, dining room table, or even hanging in front of a mirror.
  • Fresh flowers are the perfect touch for a romantic feel. Use your favorite fall flowers to create a bouquet that you can hang! Dahlias, chrysanthemums, roses, hydrangeas, and sunflowers are perfect for a fresh, unfettered look. For the perfect hanging implement, use a sturdy ribbon or scrap of burlap. A silky or velvet ribbon is romantic, while burlap is more rustic and low-key.
  • Pumpkins and gourds are, of course, the perfect accompaniment to any autumn-themed décor. Placing miniature pumpkins and gourds in a wreath is the perfect way to celebrate the season.  Try a colorful or monochromatic theme.
  • Farmer’s market inspiration: dried herbs (such as rosemary and bay leaves) and lavender make the most beautiful wreath that will last throughout the season. This can be a fun DIY weekend project after a trip to the market, or you can buy one pre-made. This way, you’ll feel good about buying small and supporting local farms and growers.

Consult Chelsea Flowers to celebrate autumn and to find the perfect arrangements that meet all of your decorating needs.