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Musings on floral inspiration for the most wonderful time of the year: 

  • Poinsettia or, in Spanish, “Flores de Noche Buena” (Flowers of the Holy Night)—When it comes to Christmas flower décor, there’s one thing we can all agree on: poinsettias are classic and essential. Indigenous to Mexico and Central America, the poinsettia is a legendary flower that we always associate with the holidays. The legend goes that a young peasant girl left weeds as an offering on Christmas Eve, and they turned into beautiful, bold poinsettia plants with emerald leaves and vivid crimson petals. Some even believe that the red flowers symbolize the holy blood of Christ. Whether you’re religious or not, these plants are extremely festive, and it’s difficult to imagine the winter holidays without them. They also come in pink and white varieties. 
  • Christmas cacti or “Schlumbergera” are ideal for the exotic plant lover at Christmas. Bring something tropical and unexpected into your home, and when the plant flowers, the blossoms are bright pink, cheerful and, let’s face it, there’s something very exciting about a cactus flower!
  • All sorts of Christmas trees: whether you prefer pine, cedar, or fir, the tree really seals the deal for the holiday. Bedecked with all sorts of ornaments collected over the years and lit up for all to gather around, there’s nothing more special (or fragrant) than a freshly-cut Christmas tree.  Of course, many go with artificial trees for practicality, and they’re beautiful, too. The best part is you don’t have to worry about getting needles all over your carpet or the tree drying out because you haven’t watered it! Artificial trees are also very versatile and come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, and some are even pre-decorated and dusted with fake snow (which takes a lot of the stress out of decorating).
  •  Amaryllis is a flowering plant that grows from a bulb, and when it blossoms, is quite the sight. The solid red ones are probably the most common, but they also come in red and white, which is very popular for Christmas.   
  •  Roses are elegant and timeless any time of year and a combination of red and white together, resembling a candy cane, is irresistible. 
  •  Holly—How can you have a jolly Christmas without holly? After all, we’re supposed to deck the halls with boughs of the stuff!
  •  Mistletoe—who will you be kissing under the mistletoe this year? While this plant is technically a parasite and is actually not sold anymore for this very reason, we still can’t help but think of it fondly. Some fresh green foliage tied with a red ribbon and embellished with gold or silver jingle bells is a festive substitute. 
  • Ferns of all kinds are ideal for centerpieces and any arrangement where you really want to wow with lots of greenery. A lush statement, potted ferns can be used as a Christmas tree substitute, and cut ones look stunning in a vase (especially as an embellishment to any red flower). 
  • Cyclamen is an unexpected favourite for the holidays. A potted perennial, it’s very convenient to decorate with and use as an embellishment for any table setting, window ledge, etc. Not only is it unique and pleasing to the eye—the petals resemble butterfly wings in flight—but it has the most fitting meaning for this time of year. Representing love and sincere tenderness, the cyclamen is a symbol of true love. What could be better at Christmas? 
  • Berries are ubiquitous at Christmas. Bouquet berries are perfect for adding dimension to any floral arrangement, and, of course, hypericum berries add just a little extra something to any bouquet. 
  • Dried eucalyptus is very popular right now, especially the red and purple varieties. This looks beautiful and bohemian for the holiday and, because it’s dried, will last practically forever.

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(Pictured: Amaryllis by Robert Mapplethorpe; “Frosty Fun” arrangement by Chelsea Flowers)

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