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John Keats wrote that “a thing of beauty is a joy forever,” but he must have forgotten about flowers. Cut flowers are beautiful precisely because they don’t last more than a week or so. In that short time, they provide color, aroma, and luxury that comes in part because we know they won’t last.
But some parts of your flower arrangement can stand the test of time. Adding accessories to bouquets is a great way to create texture and sparkle, and they can even serve as a lasting souvenir to tuck into a memory box. Try these pretty accessories to make a statement with your bouquet.

1. Feathers

Believe it or not, feathers and flowers are old partners in millinery, where ladies’ hat makers were always ready to experiment with color and texture.Peacock feathers make a bold, sculptural addition to bouquets, while ostrich feathers pump up the fluff factor. Tucking just a few feathery plumes among flowers is a great way to add texture and interest for any occasion.

2. Fruit

Designers love to work with fruit when creating centerpieces because it adds a feeling of bounty to a tablescape. Citrus fruits add a pop of color to the base of a wide saucer of blooms. For smaller, more delicate nosegays, try sprays of winterberries, mistletoe or even bunches of immature or wild grapes for an elegant statement. Tiny ornamental peppers can also make a cheeky statement in a fall bouquet.

3. Hat Pins

Hatpins were used to hold ladies’ hats on their heads by sliding through the hat and into the hair. These pins are about 8 inches long and often have a seed pearl on the end. You can purchase plain hatpins and add beads to decorate them or look for antique hat pins for retro flair. It’s easy to add hatpins to your bouquet: Just slide the pointy end into the flowers so the spangles catch the light between blooms.

4. Graphic Cake Toppers

You can add an Instagrammable flair to your bouquets by modifying a pretty cake topper Choose a topper you love, then use floral tape to attach it to a bamboo skewer. Now that you have a long stem, you can slide the topper into a place of honor in your flower arrangement.

5. Silk Butterflies

Seeing a butterfly flit about in nature is magical, but having one land on your bouquet? Priceless! You may not be able to train a monarch, but you can certainly add silk butterflies to your floral arrangements any time you like. These fabulous accessories are available at craft and floral supply stores, and you have your choice between hyper-realistic or color-coordinated versions.

Whether you’re designing wedding flowers or a quick centerpiece for your dining room table, having a few of these cute accessories on hand will turn a basic bouquet into something special. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

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