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“After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world.” 

–Christian Dior

Since the Victorian times, people have been attributing meanings to flowers and, actually, an entire language. This has been popular and will remain, as always, a way to send messages, conduct love affairs and convey any emotion imaginable. Try stating the indefinable with flowers. When words just won’t suffice, let flowers do the talking.


Flowers have a language all their own. To be one of the Romantic poets in the 18th and 19th centuries (like Byron and Keats), one had to commit the names and meanings of flowers to memory. With an ethos that defied reason and relied solely on feelings, the names of flowers were essential to one’s education and art.

Entire clandestine affairs have taken place without the utterance of a single word; communication through flowers is the most poetic relationship imaginable! 

Convey your message without saying a word 

Colour is incredibly important, especially when it comes to flowers.

For example, white clover means “think of me,” while a white chrysanthemum stands for truth, and white jasmine should be offered as a token of love that is sweet and amiable. 

While yellow is usually a good colour for friendship (as with a rose), a yellow carnation is a sign of rejection. And while red is usually a joyous colour that can be passionate, festive, and symbolic of true romantic devotion, red poppies can symbolize that one is not free (their heart belongs to another), and red fuchsia simply means that someone thinks the recipient has fine taste. 

Lilacs are synonymous with springtime. Blue lilacs are associated with tranquility, while violet-coloured ones are a totem of spirituality.

Flowers for Everyone in Your Life 

Which should you choose?

  • For parents, try a white lily. Nothing represents subdued elegance like this classic favorite that means pure love.
  • For a mother-to-be: a potted orchid is a symbol of thoughtfulness and fertility. It makes the perfect gift for an expectant mother. Make it a green orchid; it’s twice as lucky (green symbolizes wealth and prosperity).
  • For siblings, give a flower that symbolizes loyalty, such as a sunflower.
  • For a spouse, a red rose is always a swell idea! Red, of course, symbolizes passionate love. Red tulips and carnations are solid options, too but be careful because sometimes a red carnation can be the symbol of an aching heart.
  • As a refusal, a white rose is appropriate. Keep this in mind when you’re just not that into him.
  • To say “yes,” send a pink carnation. Referred to simply as “pinks,” carnations have always represented resounding approval and distinction.
  • For children, buttercups are the perfect flower. Not only are they darling, but they represent sweetness associated with childhood.
  • For friends, honeysuckle or jonquils are always a good idea.
  • After a quarrel: cornflowers are the obvious choice of olive branch, so to speak.
  • For someone you need to speak with urgently, irises send the hurry call. The word “iris” also means “rainbow.”
  • Send pansies to anyone who is in your thoughts. Zinnias are also an appropriate choice for anyone who has captured your lasting affection, as is tarragon.
  • Rosemary is for remembrance.
  • Bluebells are the right option for that special someone who exhibits lots of kindness.
  • Peonies are usually equated with bashfulness or shyness (think of the pink hue as someone blushing).

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  • Fuchsia represents regality and dignity as purple is a royal colour.
  • Solid white always translates as innocence.
  • Yellow is a joyous hue used as a symbol for friendship.


  • Yellow is for a friend or someone with whom you’re beginning a brand new journey.
  • Pink is girlish, feminine, and perfect for flirtation. If you want to say “I like you” but are not ready to profess your love, go with a single pink rose or, even better, an entire bouquet.
  • White stands for elegance and a relationship that is unsullied.
  • Red roses are classic offerings for your true love. Crimson is also appropriate for the holidays because it is very festive and will go with absolutely everything.
  • A mixed rainbow assortment has a little bit of every emotion thrown in!
  • Orchids and roses mixed together in one bouquet may be just what the doctor ordered; when you can’t choose just one, why not pick both?

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