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Basics for Creating an Autumn-themed Floral Arrangement:

Flowers For Fall

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As the fall season approaches, it’s exciting to start planning all sorts of new floral-themed décor. Whether it’s a bouquet, wreath or centerpiece, russet-hued and brightly-colored foliage is a perfect addition. There’s nothing more beautiful than varying hues of falling yellow and red leaves. Use these inspirational tips to make your living or work space more beautiful or to surprise a friend or loved one.

  1. For festive flower ideas, look no further than the nearest park. You’ll see the ground littered with maple leaves and the trees bursting with color. You may also notice wildflowers such as goldenrod along with berries and interesting stems and sticks. What may look like refuse is actually perfect for a bouquet: long stems are wonderful for making an arrangement to appear more elegant and ostentatious than it actually is.
  2. Most people have potted chrysanthemums decorating their front porches and windowsills as these are the perfect fall flower. Mums immediately scream autumn and cooler weather; their bright colors and unmistakable fragrance will immediately cheer up any floral arrangement.
  3. Gourds are perfect for decorating as they add to any bouquet or centerpiece. They are perfect for decorating a table for a fancy dinner or cocktail party. With an assortment of endless greens, yellows and oranges, gourds—large and small—are a perfect accessory to cut flowers or they can make a statement all on their own.

What Colors Should I Start with When Decorating for the Autumn Season?

When one thinks of autumn and decorating, inspiration can be gained from what’s growing. Pomegranates are a popular fall fruit and, of course, one couldn’t imagine the season without apples and pumpkins. Apple picking on a crisp fall day while sipping cider and eating apple doughnuts is a wonderful and whimsical tradition and there’s nothing more beautiful and appropriate for the season than decorating with corresponding colors. Red, yellow and green apples arranged in bowls impeccably accompany a flower bouquet made up of dried lavender left over from summer. Don’t forget that, other than the common fall colors, blue and lavender should also be used to spice up a bouquet. Asters are some of the most commonly grown late summer, early fall flowers and are the most beautiful shades of blue and pale purple.

Pomegranates are also wonderful for decorating: take inspiration from their deep red color and add classic red roses to your table. Pumpkins are absolutely everywhere and are a hallmark of the season so use lots of oranges and yellows when decorating: there’s nothing lovelier or more festive than a big yellow pumpkin alongside a vase filled with yellow roses, chrysanthemums and red, orange and brown leaves. Another wonderful addition to any floral arrangement is Indian corn. With their colorful kernels and bits of dried husk, ears of Indian or “flint” corn are perfect for a wreath to hang on the front door or a centerpiece at Halloween and Thanksgiving. Corn is a fall favorite and a symbol of the harvest season. Long stalks of wheat also spring to mind and make beautiful wreaths as well. For more colorful inspiration: look no further than an image of a cornucopia (“horn of plenty”).

Flowers For Fall

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Basic Flowers that are Easy to Find and Add to Any Floral Arrangement:

  • Sunflowers are sturdy and can comprise their own bouquet or can accompany other flowers. Their bright yellow color instantly makes other flowers pop.
  • Chrysanthemums are also sturdy as they last a long time and add much-needed filler to any bouquet or flower arrangement. They are beautiful and can stand alone or, since they come in a variety of colors and sizes, can accompany pretty much any theme. In white, yellow, russet or red, chrysanthemums are quintessential fall flowers. They are also very economical as well as festive.
  • Roses are perfect for fall bouquets as they are common but immediately add a touch of elegance to any room or occasion.
  • Marigolds are symbolic flowers for The Day of the Dead as well as incredibly aromatic and have blossoms that are the most amazing shades of yellow and orange.

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