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Around the world, flowers are a highly sought after natural remedy for many different ailments, such as headaches, anxiety, fatigue, and various digestive problems. Flowers are typically used in whole form, turned into essential oils, and even incorporated into food. The most popular way flowers are used involves incorporating them into various types of beauty products.

Flower essential oils are often used in skin care products for their color, fragrances, and potent healing properties. Many floral extracts harbor antioxidants and vitamins that cleanse, moisturize, and smooth out skin, in addition to helping reverse aging and damage from free radicals. It’s easy to enjoy these benefits by using products formulated with essential oils made from flowers. Several types of popular flowers are commonly found in beauty products everywhere.


Roses harbor intensely hydrating properties, which makes them suitable for treating dry and aging skin. Rose extract is known as a cell rejuvenator that has the ability to reduce scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks. Products with rose extract may help heal broken veins and reduce inflammation in the damaged or sunburnt skin.


Passionflower harbors lycopene, which helps prevent skin aging, as well as helping skin recover from sun damage. The flower essence also contains 72 percent linolenic acid, meaning that passion flower extract helps fight off skin inflammation, flakiness, redness, and eczema. Passionflower oil is also rich in vitamin C, fatty acids, and calcium, which can help revitalize dry skin.


Sunflower oil is considered versatile for various reasons related to health and beauty. It helps revitalize both hair and skin and protects both from damage. The high linolenic acid content makes sunflower oil suitable for treating acne-prone skin, and the high antioxidant content protects and rejuvenates damaged skin. The benefits of sunflower oil include its moisturizing properties and its ability to relieve inflammation. Sunflower oil also helps lighten and smooth out darkened areas on the skin.


Marigold is considered one of the most potent medicinal flowers. The flower has natural healing properties that help relieve various skin related problems. Marigold flowers are known for their antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. The properties of marigold make it suited for treating multiple skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, and fungal infections. Marigold may help prevent free radical damage and premature aging, as the flower harbors strong antioxidant properties.

Lotus Flower

Lotus flower is highly regarded in Asian cultures. In the health and beauty world, the lotus flower is best known for its oil-controlling and skin hydrating properties. It balances oil in the skin by helping control sebum production within the sebaceous glands. Lotus flower essence also harbors antioxidants, which are helpful in the prevention of premature aging. The vitamin C, A and B complex content in lotus flowers also help reduce skin inflammation, improving skin health.


Although found in various teas, chamomile has a long history of use in medicinal contexts, in places like ancient Rome, Egypt, and Greece. Chamomile has antiseptic, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties. Products infused with chamomile oil helps to relieve various skin conditions, such as acne, scars, and skin inflammation. Chamomile also helps relieve dry skin, since it contains moisturizing properties, as well as a high concentration of azulene that boosts its anti-inflammatory abilities.

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