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Choose Your Color Palette

Fall calls for darker hues that reflect nature and the falling leaves, such as burgundy, burnt orange, chocolate brown, and, of course, a bright and cheerful yellow to make everything pop. You’ll want to see these colors all over any wedding venue (not just in the bride’s bouquet). 

Chrysanthemums make for wonderful filler and are also impressive on their own. Use every color and size imaginable for your floral arrangements at the ceremony and reception venue.

For that extra-special pop of yellow, choose stately sunflowers and/or goldenrod. Golden Craspedia (or billy buttons) also add adorable pops of yellow.

The bridal bouquet is really the main event when it comes to florals on the big day, but many brides choose to wear blossoms in their hair as well. Whether there’s just one flower tucked behind the ear or an entire flower crown atop a veil, one should have fun with the myriad of choices. Asters are plentiful in autumn and are perfect for a graceful flower crown. 

Fall Fun

If you’re feeling quirky and want to make an impression around Halloween, consider having a costume party after the wedding ceremony. With guests in glittery masks and capes, you’ll feel as if you’re at a grand ball! 

An off-beat choice for the bridal bouquet can be unexpected and delightful: something like nearly-black calla lilies will give your wedding guests something to talk about for years to come!

Don’t forget to decorate with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes (and colors)! Even a Jack-o-Lantern can add a playful touch to your special day. Tableaus with small bales of hay, sugar skulls, lots of mums, sunflowers galore, and even fallen leaves are on theme and can turn any venue into a country-chic getaway.

Choose a special cocktail (and top it off accordingly). Whether you use edible flowers or a colorful liqueur, this can be a delightful touch that adds just the right amount of frolic to your reception. Aperol is the perfect shade of orange and makes a light, fizzy spritz that wedding guests will love. Consider decorating the bar and tables with flowers that match (such as orange roses, marigolds, gerbera daisies, and sumac leaves). 

Don’t forget to treat your guests to complimentary gift bags complete with a fresh flower. Giving away the floral centerpieces to your most favorite guests is also a thoughtful gesture.

Bouquets and Boutonnieres 

The bride’s bouquet should be filled with sturdy, gorgeous blossoms that scream autumn. Roses are always romantic (try orange, white, or red colours) and can be made utterly unique when paired with goldenrod, blue thistle (remember that you need something blue), chrysanthemums, sunflowers, fallen leaves, twigs, or even grapevine. 

Boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen should be beautiful but tasteful. For the groom, use something stately yet simple: a simple orange calla lily is an unexpected choice. 

Small bouquets for the bridesmaids should match whichever flowers the bride has chosen for herself. Consider tying them with pieces of twine for a cottage-core feel. Baskets for flower girls should be filled with brightly colored petals. If the wedding has more of a traditional feel, use orange or yellow rose petals and, if you’re feeling a little bohemian, scatter bits of wildflowers. 

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