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Beauty and health products contain a variety of essential nutrients, derived from different types of plants and flowers. Natural extracts derived from plants and flowers contain nutrients responsible for helping improve the human body by cleansing, moisturizing, conditioning, and even help reduce the effects of aging.

Although it seems difficult, the plants and flowers used in various beauty and skin care products can grow in a home garden. Aside from gardens in temperate climates, many of these plants and flowers thrive in well-maintained containers and window boxes.

Several types of plants and flowers can be incorporated into homemade skin care products. Some plants and herbs are best for soothing sensitive skin, while others work best at clearing up skin spots and acne. Others are essential for moisturizing dry and irritated skin, and even heal skin from harmful skin conditions like allergic reactions and eczema.


Plants and Flowers for Healing Damaged Skin

Calendulas are known for their skin healing properties, making them essential for a home skin care garden. The extract from calendula flowers harbors properties that help reduce inflammation, soothe skin, ward off acne, and heal skin abrasions.

Aloe Vera can be grown in indoor gardens. The gel within Aloe Vera leaves can be used to help soothe and repair sun damaged skin, in addition to reducing inflammation. Aloe Vera gel can also be used as an oil-free balm to moisturize very dry skin on a regular basis. The gel can be extracted by cutting open the leaves and scooping out the gel.


Plants and Flowers for Healing and Warding Off Acne

While commonly consumed as a drink, green tea can be incorporated into beauty products. Green tea has a surprising warding effect against acne. Green tea also harbors antioxidants that help improve aging skin. The same antioxidants also help ward off acne growth by controlling sebum or oil production within the skin, while also inhibiting bacterial growth and reducing inflammation. The green tea plant can be grown in temperate climates in a sunny spot where slightly acidic soil exists.

Lavender possesses antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that make it an essential flower for skin care gardens. The natural properties of lavender help reduce skin inflammation and the resulting irritation. Lavender oil also helps hasten the healing of abrasions, burns, and cuts.


Plants and Flowers for Treating Mature Skin

Helichrysum infused skin balms are effective in treating various skin conditions, such as damaged skin, acne, and aging skin. The plant has natural anti-inflammatory properties that ward off inflammation and help encourage the regeneration abilities of the skin. Helichrysum infused water can also be used as a toner to help diminish wrinkles and fine lines.

Rose infused water acts as a mild astringent and toner that works on all skin types, but best works to improve the condition of aging skin. Rose water produces an effect that helps cleanse and tone the skin, as well as helping boost the skin’s natural regeneration. Roses can be maintained at home, and rose petals can be used to create rose water through infusion methods.


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