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Carnations in Fine Art and Glamour

(Rembrandt’s “Woman with a Pink,” early 1660s:

Rembrandt’s painting “Woman with a Pink” (early 1660s) is currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and depicts a woman of high rank (as she has jewels in her hair dangling across her brow) clutching a pink carnation. Surely, this is no ordinary flower.

(Gloria Swanson, 1980, courtesy of

During her later years, the Hollywood movie star Gloria Swanson became almost addicted to carnations! According to an article in the New York Times, Swanson was almost never seen without a red carnation; she said that they helped her to quit smoking. Instead of holding a cigarette, she’d hold a carnation. She was quoted as saying that “It has become my signature.” She was also known for having large bouquets of red carnations all over her home.

Carnations in Bouquets (or on their own)

Carnations can be used within bouquets of assorted flowers or on their own. A vase filled with just carnations is elegant and unexpected. They are also a favorite because they last a long while, are sturdy and inexpensive. They are also plentiful and can be found at any flower market or florist.

(“Baby Blue” bouquet)

Chelsea Flowers has an astonishing array of beautiful floral arrangements that include carnations. From Easter bouquets to baby shower gifts, carnations are always appropriate. Chelsea Flowers’ Baby Blue bouquet filled with fluffy white carnations, white roses, blue delphinium (or “larkspur”), and gypsophila makes for the perfect congratulatory present.

(“Country Style Wildflowers” bouquet)

Carnations go very well with practically any theme. They add a flawless finishing touch to Chelsea Flowers’ Country Style Wildflowers arrangement. The purple carnations mixed in with white ornithogalum, Santini chrysanthemums, and mixed greenery add just enough flash for a country bouquet to look extraordinary (instead of plain and ordinary).

(“Easter Blessings” bouquet)

Easter Blessings from Chelsea Flowers is a cheerful bouquet perfect for spring. Filled with canary yellow carnations, green chrysanthemums, and baby’s breath, this Easter arrangement resembles a meadow dotted with daffodils.

(Chelsea Flowers’ “Wreath”)

Chelsea Flowers’ elaborate Wreath resembles a glowing halo as it’s a circle of greenery filled with white blossoms (including carnations, roses, spray chrysanthemums, snapdragons, spray roses, ruscus, and eustoma). This is most definitely a show-stopper and will add glamour to any event.
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