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O my Love’s like a red, red rose that’s newly sprung in June.” –Robert Burns

June is Rose Month: How to Celebrate

Not only is June the most ideal month for roses when they look their best, it is also when those with birthdays enjoy the rose as a life-affirming symbol. It is also the most common month for weddings, hence roses are abundant in bridal bouquets.

Why do we love roses so much? They are universally beautiful, delicate and, of course, fragrant! Roses are so incredibly varied and, while they are common in June, they are always magical.

What sort do you like best? For fragrance, an old-fashioned favorite like the Damask rose is always preferable. These have been cultivated for centuries because of their highly coveted aroma. With an intensely sweet scent, these will add a refined essence to any garden. For climbing roses, try “New Dawn,” “Sally Holmes” and “Cherry Frost” varieties. Climbing roses are any that bloom well and thrive on a trellis or arch. These flowers immediately create a cozy “cottage-core” aesthetic that will suit any English garden, while wild roses embody both fragrance and lushness. For roses, verdant and overgrown is always ideal. For plenty of buds that bloom all summer and into the fall, love the sun, and deadhead themselves, try planting Knock Out rose bushes. They require little effort and yield a bounty of flowers.

To get the most out of this very special time of year, plant rose bushes, give bouquets as gifts, and decorate your home with this most special blossom. Visit botanical gardens and admire the abundance of roses while comparing scents and finding your absolute favorite.

Heavenly Honeysuckle

It was not the thorn bending to the honeysuckles, but the honeysuckles embracing the thorn.” –Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights

Honeysuckles are vines synonymous with sweet summer fragrance and whimsical ambiance. Because these flowers twist and twine around fence posts (and anything else that will stand still), they can be a bit invasive. They are, however, beautiful and known for their intoxicating perfume. Honeysuckle belongs to the Caprifoliaceae family and is a climbing plant famous for its white, pink, and yellow flowers. Bees love them, so they make wonderful additions to any garden in need of pollinators.

Because it symbolizes romantic love and good fortune, honeysuckle is often used to create wedding garlands in June (or all summer long). People used to sleep with clippings under their pillow in hopes of pleasant dreams. Honeysuckle is a very hardy shrub that does wonders for a bare yard or garden. Tolerant of all sorts of growing conditions, honeysuckle is more than just an ornamental plant: it also serves as a habitat for wildlife and, like any robust shrub, helps to eliminate soil erosion.

Chelsea Flowers: It’s Coming Up Roses!

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