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Édouard Manet transitioned from works of realistic still life to Impressionism and is one of the most famous and beloved Modernist artists of the 19th century. His paintings of flowers are some of his most beautiful and captivating. They serve as wonderful and helpful inspiration for floral designers and lovers of beauty looking to spruce up their personal space with blossoms that are uniquely arranged and displayed. 

Floral Arranging: Tips for Arranging Roses (and other flowers)

We are inundated with rose bushes bursting with blossoms in late spring and early summer. It seems a waste to leave them all on the bush to wilt before clipping a few to make stunning bouquets to enjoy indoors. No event in spring and summer is complete without fresh flowers!

“There are no lines in nature, only areas of colour, one against another.” 


Whether they’re from a florist, farmer’s market, or bushes from your own garden or yard, make sure to keep these helpful hints in mind while arranging your flowers: 

  • Use unique vessels to hold your roses, such as oddly shaped vases, jars, and glasses. A champagne glass immediately makes an elegant statement perfect for any cocktail party, dinner, or simple coffee (or tea) date. Remember to use clear vases! This way you can see the stems and leaves (which are just as beautiful as the colorful petals).
  • Create interesting shapes with your arrangements: they don’t always have to be perfectly symmetrical to be beautiful. Sometimes a slapdash bouquet is the most charming and memorable. Use some green sprigs to give a soft bunch of roses dimension and depth.
  • Don’t neglect the rose buds! Not all bouquets should be solely comprised of bloomed flowers; there should be some that have yet to bloom (this way, your bouquet will change over time as new buds start to open while others wilt away). Your arrangement will look different each day and, as the petals wilt, don’t immediately scoop them up off the table: this is an aesthetic choice that looks romantic and very much like a classic painting. Take one stem out of the vase and place it on the table to create a charming tableau worthy of Manet!
  • Monochromatic or Colorful: Sometimes a bouquet made of just one color makes the right statement but an arrangement filled with all hues from the rainbow is just as impressive, only in a different way. 
  • Small arrangements are just as beautiful as large ones. A small drinking glass filled with just a couple of roses is completely elegant and perfect for one’s bedside or coffee table. 

Roses from Chelsea Flowers

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