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Valentine’s Day and Flowers

Valentine’s Day, named after St. Valentine, is a special holiday celebrating love. It is traditional to give flowers on Valentine’s Day. However, you may have trouble deciding which flowers to choose. That is especially true if you want to celebrate all the loves in your life rather than just your romantic partner. In recent history, it has become common to give Valentine’s Day gifts to any special loved ones. Therefore, you might also opt to give flowers to a parent, best friend, or child, not just your spouse. Here are five types of Valentine’s Day flowers and their meanings to help you choose the perfect floral arrangements for the people on your Valentine’s Day list.


Roses are the traditional flowers of Valentine’s Day. Specifically, deep red roses are considered the flowers of romance. A dozen long-stemmed red roses can send an amorous message to that special someone. However, you can also choose roses in other colours to convey appreciation to a Valentine. Here are the meanings behind some common rose colours:

  • Pink roses show gratitude and admiration, making them perfect for giving to parents or grandparents.
  • Yellow roses are the roses of friendship and are best given to acknowledge a best friend’s devotion.
  • White roses are known best as flowers for weddings, but as Valentine’s Day gifts they can tell that special someone you miss them. White is an excellent choice if you are in a long-distance relationship.

The number of roses included in your floral arrangement can also send a Valentine’s message. One and three both symbolize love. Six shows infatuation, such as when you are admiring someone from afar. One dozen (12) and two dozen (24) roses represent the months in the year and the hours in the day, respectively. They each convey a message that you think of that person all the time.

Image of a Tulip


Today, roses are the most well-known floral symbols of love, but that was not always the case. For centuries, tulips held that title. Even today, tulips are commonly given as symbols of adoration. Red tulips represent untarnished longevity and love. Therefore, they make excellent Valentine’s gifts. 

Like roses, tulips come in many colours, including red, pink, and purple. You can select the ones you feel convey the message you want to send. Alternatively, you can select your loved one’s favorite colour and send a large bunch of those tulips to your love. A third option is to send tulips as part of a bouquet containing other flowers. Their size and shape help tulips fit well into bouquets of all types. They blend well with roses, daisies, and many other blooms.


Carnations are often underestimated. Some people refer to them as “budget roses” because they are inexpensive and sometimes considered “low-class” gifts. However, the symbolism of carnations is not to be ignored. Here are some examples:

  • Red carnations, depending on their shades, can symbolize mild affection, deep love, or general admiration.
  • Pink carnations are often given in gratitude.
  • White carnations are most often symbols of purity, but some people also consider them omens of good fortune and luck.

One reason to consider giving carnations for Valentine’s Day, besides cost concerns, is the sheer number of colours from which you can pick. Carnations come in many natural colours, but they are also commonly dyed. That means you may have better luck finding the exact shade you want than you might when purchasing other flowers. Carnations also combine well with many other flowers in floral arrangements. Their wide array of available colours can help you create a completely unique Valentine’s Day bouquet for that special person in your life.


Lilies are also excellent to add to a Valentine’s Day bouquet. When you think of them, you may think of Easter lilies. However, there are many different varieties available, including tiger lilies and oriental lilies. Asiatic lilies are among the many perfect Valentine’s Day lily options. Peruvian lilies are also perfect gifts for friends or platonic loves on Valentine’s Day.

As is the case with many other flowers, red and pink are the standard preferred Valentine’s Day colours for lilies. However, you can stray from those traditions and still gift a bouquet that makes a statement of love. White lilies are particularly bold. They are often used in flower arrangements specifically for weddings. Given for Valentine’s Day, they are representative of strong feelings and a willingness to invest in a relationship. You can also opt to buy an arrangement that mixes white lilies with other red or pink flowers, such as roses. That way, they can visually pop and add an extra layer of appeal to your bouquet.


Daisies have many strong symbolic tones that can make them excellent Valentine’s Day gifts for loved ones. Although, they are not typically given as symbols of romantic love. Rather, they are often representative of the bonds between parents and children. Therefore, they are excellent Valentine’s Day gifts for mothers or daughters. Daisies are also considered symbols of purity and fresh starts. Therefore, they are sometimes appropriate for new love interests.

Image of a Daisy flower.

Another reason to send someone daisies on Valentine’s Day is to either acknowledge a cheerful outlook or try to encourage one. That is because daisies are known as the flowers of cheerfulness. They come in a myriad of colours and have large blossoms that often easily trigger-happy thoughts and smiles in their recipients. You can give a loved one a bouquet of daisies, but they often look their best when combined in floral arrangements with several other types of flowers.

The Bottom Line on Selecting Valentine’s Day Flowers

The flowers listed above are only suggestions. When choosing flowers to give for Valentine’s Day, consider your own feelings. Then think about your relationship with the recipient. Also, think about the preferences of the person who is getting the flowers. You may use those preferences to make your selection, such as if the person has a certain favorite flower or favorite colour. Your Valentine is sure to appreciate how much attention you pay to his or her preferences.

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