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Marigolds: Perfect for Fall

  • Marigolds are the perfect addition to any fall bouquet. With their yellow and orange-hued petals, they complement the russet, red, brass, and golden foliage of the season.
  • These annual flowers are very easy to grow and thrive in beds all summer long and into autumn.
  • These flowers dry beautifully if you simply remove extraneous leaves and hang them upside down.

Marigolds and Día de los Muertos: What is the Significance?

    • Día de los Muertos is a day when the deceased are honored by their loved ones and are, by some, believed to visit from beyond the grave. This is a sacred holiday where altars are prepared as part of a beautiful celebration. These altars are usually decorated with marigolds because it is believed that their bright colors and pungent aroma will serve as a guide for spirits.
    • Marigolds are native to North and South America but thrive in Mexico. Today they are cultivated all over the world.
    • The Aztecs considered marigolds to be a sacred flower and Dia de los Muertos is thought to have originated from a similar Aztec festival dedicated to the goddess, Mictecacihuatl.
    • Finally, Día de los Muertos is mainly a celebration of life and love; it’s a happy occasion where food is prepared and beautiful decorations are created for and around the home. Some make garlands from marigolds and, if there aren’t enough fresh flowers available, it is common for children to make them out of paper.

Marigolds: Bold Colors and Aroma

  • Apart from their eye-catching colors, marigolds are known for their strong scent, which is a wonderful help to gardeners as it repels certain insects and rabbits that nibble away at a garden.
  • The blossoms on marigolds are actually edible, and, because they’re so brightly colored, they are sometimes used for tea and/or as a saffron substitute.
  • Marigold is a note in certain hperfumes by designers such as Calvin Klein and Balmain.

Other Flowers Used in Celebration of Día de los Muertos

  • Baby’s breath: The white spray of tiny blossoms adds lush texture to any floral arrangement.
  • Cockscomb: The soft velvet crimson flower truly stands out as a unique favorite.
  • Gladiolus is known for its rich, showy display. Perfect in sprays, this flower truly is a knockout.
  • White Hoary Stock (also called a “stock flower”) is truly special and ideal for bouquets because of its tall spike of blossoms. Because of its size and shape, it sort of resembles a gladiola. The stock flower is mystically significant as it can represent unfading beauty, a happy life, and dedicating oneself to spiritual purity.
  • Of course, chrysanthemums are always a fall favorite because they thrive in cooler temperatures and are synonymous with the season. Orange chrysanthemums are the most popular as they represent the light and warmth of the sun.

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