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“Spring won’t let me stay in this house any longer! I must get out and breathe the air deeply again.”

–Gustave Mahler

Some of our Favorite Spring Flowers

(David Katz photography, @dkatzo)

  • Daffodils are a sure sign that spring is on her way. Referred to by many as “jonquils,” “narcissus,” or “Easter flowers,” these bright yellow beauties are like rays of sunshine after a long winter. A member of the amaryllis family, these perennials grow year after year and spread easily once planted from a bulb. Once you see a daffodil rear her yellow head, this means that another trip around the sun has passed, spring has sprung, and life is reaffirmed once more.
  • Daffodils play an important role in Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie: When the character of Amanda reminisces about her youth, daffodils act as a recurring symbol of innocence and idealism.

“So lovely, that country in May. – All lacy with dogwood, literally flooded with jonquils! – That was the spring I had the craze for jonquils. Jonquils became an absolute obsession. Mother said, ‘Honey, there’s no more room for jonquils.’ And still I kept on bringing in more jonquils. Whenever, wherever I saw them, I’d say, “Stop! Stop! I see jonquils! I made the young men help me gather the jonquils! It was a joke, Amanda and her jonquils! Finally there were no more vases to hold them, every available space was filled with jonquils. No vases to hold them? All right, I’ll hold them myself.”

–Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie, 1944

  • Tulips: these large, colorful flowers native to Iran blossom from a bulb, are perennials, and come in a variety of ostentatious shapes. Some are ruffled around the edges, while others are single or doubled in their petals. Sylvia Plath once wrote that “The tulips are too excitable,” suggesting that these flowers are some of the most vivid and breathtaking of all!

“The feet of people walking home/With gayer sandals go-/The Crocus-till she rises/The Vassal of the snow.”

–Emily Dickinson

  • Crocuses are some of the first to pop out of the ground in springtime. They are short, small flowers that spread effortlessly and actually bloom through the snow. Some of the first to bud in early spring are called “Bowles White” or “Snow Crocus” and have white petals and yellow centers. Saffron is actually made from crocuses!
  • Lily of the Valley (or “Convallaria majalis”) is undoubtedly one of the most elegant and fragrant of all the spring flowers. Usually found in the forest, these small, bell-shaped blossoms are pristinely white and make for the perfect wedding bouquet.

(David Katz photography, @dkatzo)

  • Irises—bearded, golden-tongued, with vivid purple and blue hues—are truly magical. Did you know that “Iris” is the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow? A member of the family “Iridaceae,” there are up to three hundred known species of iris.

Beautiful Bouquets from Chelsea Flowers
Make this Easter holiday extra special with gifts from Chelsea Flowers.

  • So Egg-cited: With frilly red tulips, lilac, and small white cherry blossoms, this floral treat is something to truly get excited about!

  • Glory of Easter: Orange and yellow tulips, yellow carnations, blue irises, and delicate daisies combine to create a truly amazing Easter bouquet.

  • To Dye For is the perfect floral arrangement for spring. With assorted tulips of various colors, this bouquet makes the statement that tulips are so stunning on their own, why add filler?

For more information on bouquets created by Chelsea Flowers (including pricing and sizes— standard, grand, and majestic), consult the links below:

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