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“Whilst skies are blue and bright, whilst flowers are gay, whilst eyes that change ere night make glad the day.” –Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1824

We all want fabulous bouquets of flowers this summer to fill our homes, grace table settings, and for gifting dear family and friends. While summertime in the UK is filled with wildflowers and charming English gardens teeming with all sorts of blossoms, not everyone has the time or space to grow their own blooms, especially if they need a lot of care. Some summer favorites can only be gotten at a florist and are their most beautiful and abundant during seasonal growth, i.e., warm months.

You know it’s summer at your local florist when hydrangea, orchids, dahlias, sweet peas, and sunflowers are plentiful and at peak beauty. Of course, roses are always available, but in summer, there are not only more varieties from which to choose, but they are exceptionally fragrant and lush. We love wildflowers (daisies, golden rod, etc.), but we want the more exotic stunners, too! This is why you should make a stop at your local florist or drop by Chelsea Flowers (in person or on the web).

From Chelsea Flowers

Chelsea Flowers offers gorgeous new summer bouquets filled with all your sunny favorites! 

  • Roses—from spray to tuberose and even long-stemmed, all your rosy favorites are in full bloom this summer at Chelsea Flowers. The “Bright Bouquet” features sunny yellow and pale pink roses to offset the even brighter peonies.
  • Anthurium (featured in our “Bright Bouquet”) is a beautiful plant known for its waxy leaves and ostentatious stamen. Whether cut in a vase or planted in a flowerpot, this is one of our favorites because it’s so versatile and long-lasting.
  • Hydrangea is always a summer favorite and is plentiful at flower shops during the month of July, as this is its peak time to blossom. When cut and placed in warm water, they perk right up and retain their full, soft-petaled glory.
  • Sweet William/Dianthus are very popular in England (and have been ever since first appearing here in the 17th century before becoming common throughout the rest of Europe); Duchess Kate’s bridal bouquet famously featured Sweet William. Chelsea Flowers offers “Accolade”: a stunning arrangement featuring hot pink roses, deep purple orchids, mums, and Sweet William.
  • Orchids love warm, tropical climates and, unless grown in a greenhouse, only bloom naturally during the summer months in England (and are very rare). You’ll notice that they’re incredibly popular at summer weddings as part of the bride’s bouquet or a boutonniere.
  • Lisianthus (Prairie gentian) is very delicate and actually resembles a tea rose. Ideal for bouquets, our “Classic Pink and White Rose and Hydrangea Hand-Tie” features this gorgeous flower to highlight ivory orchids, pink hydrangea, and, of course, off-white roses.

Other Summer Favorites 

  • Dahlias (sort of a daisy/chrysanthemum/zinnia hybrid) are one of the summer’s best sellers. They’re beautiful, hardy, and last for up to two weeks in a vase.
  • Echinops (Globe thistle): something this unique can mostly be found at a professional florist, rather than just blooming in the wild.
  • Sweet Peas: known for their exceptionally sweet scent, summer wouldn’t be quite the same without these beauties.
  • Exceptional sunflowers: since sunflowers thrive in the sunlight, they are at their most beautiful and abundant during the summer months. Just look for them at your local flower and farmer’s market; there will be buckets full!

(Photographs above include the Accolade, Bright Bouquet, and Classic Pink and White Rose and Hydrangea Hand-Tie arrangements.)

For more information on what Chelsea Flowers has to offer (along with the bouquets mentioned in this blog, prices, sizing, delivery details, etc.), visit the website and links listed below: