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Celebrate the vivid hues of the season. These bouquets from Chelsea Flowers celebrate autumn’s exquisite varied colours and make for the perfect present. Whether on your dining room table as a stand-out centerpiece or atop a mantle, these flowers are ones you’ll really wish to show off.

  • One Colour of Choice: This monochromatic blend of red garden roses, skimmia (an Asian flowering shrub), and smaller spray roses evoke the turning leaves of a Maple tree in fall along with apple picking excursions and blood red sunsets. With just a hint of green eucalyptus, this crimson bouquet is sure to be a show-stopper.
  • Modern Style is a bouquet resplendent with oranges and peach-coloured roses, calla lilies, and red hypericum berries. Modern and elegant, the autumnal hues really pop in this one.

  • Modern Twist: The combination of creamy roses, red hypericum berries, and rust-colored calla lilies is perfect for evoking the cozy, warm feel of autumn. The deep orange, rusty lilies resemble fallen leaves, trips to a pumpkin patch, and, when it gets cool enough, a fire to keep us warm or to roast marshmallows. The Safari Sunset Leucadendron flowers are the perfect addition to this sumptuous arrangement. Keep in mind that the hypericum berries and safari sunset blooms dry beautifully.

  • Bright and Beautiful: Dahlias represent positive change, kindness, and grace, so it’s no wonder these are the perfect flower for the changing seasons. Chrysanthemums are, of course, a fall favorite as they flourish throughout the season and can be seen just about everywhere decorating the front porches of homes. The phlox and forget-me-nots add a sense of unique romance and whimsy, while the roses tie everything together.

  • Tangerine Dream: The Avalanche roses in this arrangement are extra special because they have just a hint of green on the cream-coloured petals.  This exquisite bouquet is perfect for the rose lover in your life. Arranged with David Austin’s famous English roses and fresh freesias, this is a romantic, lush, and fragrant floral display.  In an array of yellows, creams, and oranges, the overall sherbet effect creates the perfect autumn palette.

  • Cheering: There’s nothing quite as cheerful as bright gerbera daisies. Paired with yellow roses and red hypericum berries, this sunset-hued masterpiece is sure to make the recipient smile. The “Cheering” bouquet makes a wonderful centerpiece for any occasion.

For more information on the flowers mentioned in this blog, consult Chelsea Flowers (along with the links below) for all your needs, including sizing and pricing.,-May%2022%2C%202019&text=David%20Austin%20Roses%20has%20been,medal%20in%20the%20company’s%20history.
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