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Why Houseplants Make You Happy

Humans love plants; we cannot help it. Whether it’s the leaves moving, the fragrance, how they feel, or even how they taste, plants and humans go together. When you look at a plant, be it in the park or at home, we now know (thanks to science) that it triggers a complex chain reaction in the brain that leaves us feeling happy. Houseplants impact our lives in a little more personal way since these are the plants we are always around. Houseplants help not only to liven up a room, but they also come with several health benefits both physically and mentally. It is a known fact being around houseplants makes humans happier. If you’ve been considering bringing in a houseplant or two, here are 5 reasons houseplants make you happy and why you should get your houseplant today.

How House plants make you Physically happier
Less Noise

Wherever you end up living, there will be noises. Living in an urban area with all the adjoining sounds can be physically draining and may lend a hand to the stress of an already bad day. Utilizing plants as sound breaks can drastically help lower noise coming from the outside. The leaves of a plant act as sound diffusers. The leaves bounce sound off and around them, as well as absorb some of it, so the noise that does come through is less impactful. Tall plants like a Ficus species or indoor palm are great plants to place near windows or doors as they help dampen larger areas.


Energy and Performance Enhancing

It is a known fact that plants make our brains happy and make us feel better psychologically. This is an effect that plants have on humans called biophilia. Just adding one plant can make a room feel more alive and ‘bright,’ which in turn will also make you feel more alive and happier. Any environment that includes natural elements has been proven to boost happiness and energy in humans. As complex organisms, our brains need to have stimulation, and plants bring that to any space. As biological beings, we are very attuned to nature on a biochemical level like all creatures, which is why having nature in the form of houseplants really makes humans happier in the long run. And who would not want that?

Better Healing


Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why we bring flowers to the sick? Well, it’s been found that plants and even beautiful views of sprawling gardens can help speed up the recovery time from illness. As any doctor could explain, the body heals better and quicker when the mind is happy and relaxed, which is just what plants do. Houseplants also have a cool little ability to take in stale (used) air and convert it back into fresh air. This nifty trick improves air quality in whatever room the plant is in, which helps the human inhabitants, and accompanying four-legged housemates, in their overall health. A good house plant that really helps clean the air is called a snake plant (or mother-in-law’s tongue) and can be grown to a decent size in pots. Other health benefits of houseplants include lowering blood pressure, improving sleep cycles, boosts immunity, reduces stress, and helps foster a positive attitude.


How Houseplants effect Mental Health

Memory and Concentration benefits
The University of Central Michigan did a study to find out how houseplants affect a workplace or home office. They found that by just having a plant in a workspace, memory levels raised by nearly 20%. The plants themselves have an effect that helps keep the mind stimulated while working, which adds to increased production. Being able to visually see a plant in any room automatically makes the room feel better and comfortable, which leads you to feel more relaxed and at ease.

Fostering Relaxation

Nature is at the core of our very being, and the benefits of being around nature all add up to making you feel alive. The plants, the sky, and even the water seem to have a connection with us. This connection has a name, and it is called ‘Biophilia’. Biophilia is the feeling of being a part of nature as one big system. Over the decades, humans started staying indoors more often as it was no longer a necessity to grow food. So, it is more important than ever to include nature in our lives. House plants help bring that nature vibe in that all humans need. Plants hit a deep-down part of our psyche that causes peace and tranquility since we are all hard-wired to the smells, colors, and shapes of nature and, even more so, specifically plants. So, adding a nice potted Pothos (a hardy shade plant that’s vines cascade down) to a window or shelf can really have a deep impact on your mental state. And if just one can help this much… then imagine what several plants could help with! Try with these easy to care for houseplants:

    • Pothos.
    • Snake Plant.
    • Aloe Vera.
    • Jade Plant.
    • Asparagus Fern (not-edible!)
    • Calathea.

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