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If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…I could walk through my garden forever.”

– Alfred Tennyson

  • Peonies are, by and large, considered one of the most beautiful blossoms in existence. When they open, their petals resemble a ballerina’s tutu: whether they’re pale pink, red, or white, they are always full, delicate, feminine flowers. And they’re just as lovely before their petals unfurl, resembling a scoop of soft ice cream. It’s incredibly fitting (especially for Valentine’s Day) that the peony is a symbol of romance, love, and beauty.

Chelsea Flowers has the most perfect Valentine’s bouquet bursting with pale pink peonies (aptly called “Uniquely Sweet”). This is the perfect offering for someone you’re romantically in love with or for someone with whom you share a sweet friendship, or even for a daughter or mother. Anyone will swoon at this frilly pale pink confection.

“In the Garden” is another peony option. Paired with lisianthus (eustoma) and heather, you’ll really feel like spring is on its way.

  • Calla Lilies are incredibly sensual flowers. Their curves actually resemble a woman’s figure and, with their long sleek stem, have a wonderfully modern aesthetic. These blooms are a unique, unexpected choice for Valentine’s Day (and when combined with roses, look even more wonderful). Calla lilies represent purity and faithfulness, so they make the perfect present to let your main squeeze know that they’re the only one you seek.

Choose “Our Choice” from Chelsea Flowers—an arrangement filled with magenta calla lilies, ornithogalum, yellow freesia, hypericum berries, and spray roses.

  • Orchids are some of the most exotic blossoms in the world. With thousands of species, they are truly special and always striking. Whether you prefer a potted orchid or cut flowers in a bouquet, make that special someone feel extraordinary this Valentine’s Day with the most luxurious flowers.

Chelsea Flowers offers a sensational bouquet of Roses, Lilies and Orchids fit for a queen. Cymbidium orchids, when cut, will last up to two weeks and, when combined with foliage and other flowers, make quite the statement. Since orchids are often considered a symbol of refinement, they are the most fitting present for someone that you hold in very high esteem. Chelsea Flowers also offers many other orchid options (including cut and potted).

  • Camellias are tropical, low-maintenance plants that produce the most exquisite blossoms. As a symbol of admiration, they make a wonderful rose substitute for the most romantic day of the year.
  • Gardenias are some of the most fragrant, feminine flowers out there. Their sweet scent is almost intoxicating; it’s so aromatic. Their soft white petals set against emerald leaves are swoon-worthy. It’s no wonder they symbolize gentleness and purity.

If you want to remain traditional and classic but never boring, try something practical and beautiful. Chelsea Flowers offers gorgeous arrangements of roses coupled with long-lasting chrysanthemums (these will last weeks in a vase). “Thoughts and Colours” is a wonderful option that includes santini, mixed roses, tulips, and button mums.

And for roses…and more roses…see what Chelsea Flowers has to offer (including single roses of any colour, yellow, white, red, pink, and mixed hue bouquets as well as a modernist option of roses arranged in a cube).

For more information on all the arrangements mentioned above (along with pricing, size, additional filler flowers, and delivery details), check out the links below and the website.