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Four Key Skills Every Successful Florist Needs


It isn’t all frolicking amongst the flowers when one is a florist. A truly great florist must have certain skills to bring it all together into a thriving business that provides their community with one of the most central elements to marking important occasions. Here is what a great florist needs to make it in the business.

A True Passion for Flowers

While there’s more to being a florist than flowers, that is what is at the heart of everything, so it is critical to have a real love for flowers. It’s also critical to be knowledgeable about the care that each flower needs and the social significance each flower has. A good florist will be able to guide their customers in choosing the perfect flowers for each occasion, for instance, by knowing that an iris is a 25th wedding anniversary flower, while daisies make a perfect flower for April birthdays.

And knowing how to care for flowers is not to be underestimated. From knowing when each flower is in season so you can design for specific events to knowing how to keep the flowers looking bright and fresh, both while in the store, and for as long as possible after they depart to serve their purpose, knowledge is critical. A florist must know what flowers prefer full sun, which have temperature preferences, and how to best store flowers under a wide range of conditions.

Creativity and Style

Central to being a florist is taking things that are inherently beautiful and transforming them into something even more beautiful through arrangement. This takes a real flair for design and the ability to use coordinating colours to the best advantage. A great florist will invest in training to learn the elements of design but will also have a natural affinity for expressing themselves and the feelings of their customers through the art of floral design and will also take the time to hand craft each of their arrangements.

Business Know-How

But there is much more to being a florist than flowers; it also means running a business which requires time-management skills and some strength with numbers. From balancing the books to marketing to attracting new customers, business savviness is key. And even when it is about the flowers, numbers are important. A major part of being a florist is buying flowers and keeping a wide array of options in stock. This also involves sourcing and managing deliveries and inventory. A florist has to keep track of supplies they need, and as they grow, they may add employees as well. This means managing schedules and payroll.

A People Person

A florist is in the service industry. This is only a job for someone who wants to help people by providing them with ways of celebrating and marking important events and occasions. But this requires more than just beautiful flowers: a florist also needs great communication skills and the ability to build a good rapport with customers. From taking orders on the phone to helping people pick out precisely what they want, good people skills are a critical component of being a great florist.