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How to Use Flowers, Fruit, and Plants to Brighten Your Home During Lockdown

As the world collectively deals with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, many people are finding themselves on lockdown. Whether you are staying home because your area simply requires it, due to not wanting to catch the illness, or due to already displaying symptoms, the fact remains that you are probably stuck at home. You are also likely to remain there for far longer than you are used to.

As you may know, many homes have houseplants all the time. During lockdown, it is especially important for yours to be one of those homes. You might assume the only reason for that is because certain plants, such as tomato plants, are sources of food. However, science has proven plants of all sorts provide various benefits, especially in times of stress. In fact, plants are mood enhancers. Here is how to use them to brighten your home during lockdown.

Breathe Easier by Bringing in Plants

In general, bringing plants into any part of your home is a good idea. That is because, aside from boosting your mood, plants can also make it easier to breathe. You breathe out carbon dioxide, which houseplants need. They convert that carbon dioxide into oxygen, which you need. That creates a symbiotic relationship between you and your plants. You provide a service for each other.

Plants also act as natural filters, removing some undesirable materials from the air around you. Although not directly related to COVID-19 prevention, they are essential for simply making staying at home easier. By acting as filters, they can help prevent the air in your home from getting stale. Having plants in your home can also make weeks of lockdown potentially healthier if you or someone in your home suffers from breathing-related illnesses, such as asthma. When you are breathing easier, getting through each day of lockdown is less difficult.

Use Flowers and Plants to Make Work More Productive

If you used to leave the house to go to work and are now forced to work from home on lockdown, you might be experiencing a bit of environmental shock. You may no longer have an office water cooler to gather around or a cubicle next door to visit. There may be little to no socialization, and the environment itself may be completely different from the one you are used to. For example, you may suddenly be dealing with distractions like:

  • Pets
  • Children
  • Spouse
  • Frequent Phone Calls from Loved Ones
  • Juggling Work-Related Conference Calls with Home Life

As if all of those potential distractions are not enough, your current office area within your home may not be ideal. If you do not have a lot of space, a sufficient view of the outdoors, or even any window at all, choosing the right décor for your workspace is especially important. That is where houseplants come in. The best home office plants are those that are low-maintenance. Some plants, such as the peace lily, also enjoy more shade than others. Such plants are ideal when you are working in a home office that does not have a lot of natural light.

After considering the needs of the plants, consider your own. For example, multiple studies have shown that humans react in different ways to different colors. That is why flowers, fruits, and plants can change your mood. The simple act of even bringing in one houseplant or floral arrangement can completely change how your house feels to you and to your other household members.

Brighten Your Home with a Fruity Floral Arrangement

Every room in your home has a different function. Therefore, each one needs to have a different feel. For example, in your home office or your bedroom, which may be one and the same out of necessity during lockdown, you need soothing, calming plants. You must create a floral environment that helps you rest or focus, as needed.

Other parts of your home may require completely different plants. Consider your dining room or living room. Both are probably areas where all members of your household gather together frequently under normal circumstances. During lockdown you are likely to all spend even more quality time in those areas eating, playing games, and otherwise enjoying your extra family time together. Therefore, you need brighter, more energizing and eye-catching arrangements. The use of floral arrangements containing multiple colors, or even fruits, is ideal on a coffee table or as a dining room table centerpiece, for example.

Buying Flowers, Fruits, and Plants on Lockdown

As mentioned above, when buying flowers, fruits, and plants on lockdown you need to consider the function of each space. Think about the colors you find enticing when selecting floral arrangements or potted plants for any part of your home during lockdown. Choose soothing colors for resting or working spaces and more vibrant colors for the areas of your home meant for more energized activities.

You also need to consider your own safety. At a time when you are supposed to leave home as little as possible, plant shopping may be low on your priority list. That is as it should be if you are considering visiting a florist or garden center in person. However, you can purchase all the plants and flowers you want online. Doing so allows you to get exactly the plants you desire without any additional risk to you or your family.

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