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Do you love to make flower bouquets and arrangements? The sorts of techniques you use may say more about your personality than you originally thought. Do you prefer a clean, minimalist chic or something more flamboyant and unique? Maybe you like something simple and rustic, carefree, or even exotic? Whether a specific type of floral design reflects your personality or not, you can arrange a bouquet to fit any mood, occasion, or state of mind. 

“When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the moment.” –Georgia O’Keefe

What does your way of arranging flowers say about your personality? 

The art of arranging flowers has been around for centuries and is not only a serious (and lucrative) art form but is also a Zen, meditative practice for many. Floral design goes back as far as Ancient Egypt (ca. 2800 BCE – 28 BCE); after that, the Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines brought their own unique designs to flower arranging. Of course, today, we are more familiar with styles from the Renaissance and even Victorian periods. The important thing to know is that floral design has been around literally since there have been flowers, and people have been cultivating plants for just as long. If you can imagine a floral bouquet, it’s probably tied to an aspect of well-known design stemming back hundreds or even thousands of years.


If you’re into all things vintage and classy, you may want to stick with classic floral arrangements. Remember that classic and traditional does not mean boring or passé!  Sprays of flowers in movies from the 1930s and ’40s can lend inspiration; it wasn’t trendy to cut the stems so they were always very tall and sort of fanned out. Big, full, colorful bouquets were (and are) always in style. 


Do you like to buy unique blooms at the farmer’s market? Well, you probably have a bohemian flair to your personality. 

Orchids, Birds of Paradise, Scabiosa, Monstera leaves, and even tree branches (think Cherry blossoms) all create a statement-making bouquet. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can use several containers/vases with only one stem in each to create something carefree and beautiful. This sort of tableau is perfect for a dinner or cocktail party. You can even pin flowers to the tablecloth and forego vases altogether (think of little boutonnieres and corsages as décor). 


(Think of Japanese floral arranging called “Ikebana” and check out our blog post

If you like clean, sparse bouquets or sometimes just one flower in a bud vase, modern and abstract arrangements will suit your style. A floral bouquet with a definite shape, something tight and almost sculptural (like a topiary) may be right up your alley. Conical, vertical, or even cascading arrangements are very popular and make quite the statement for any occasion. “Roses in a Cube” from Chelsea Flowers fits all the modern criteria: it uses an interesting/transparent vessel as a display and all the roses are evenly spaced throughout to create an unexpected, artistic effect. 


Do you keep your floral arrangements even after they’ve wilted and adore dried flowers? You’re probably a romantic who enjoys the “shabby chic” aesthetic. Chelsea Flowers offers hand-tied bouquets that have just a touch of the pastoral vibe you’re craving (especially the “Country Style Wildflowers”). Baroque and Rococo-style floral design is over-the-top and not always thought out; it’s all about fragility and beauty. You can arrange your flowers in a sort of haphazard way (but make sure you use enough blossoms), and they’ll end up looking spontaneous and effortless.

(Flower photography/painting credits in order of appearance: from “Flowers: Geometric Forms,” 1986, Chelsea Flowers, Robert Mapplethorpe, 1988, Jan Davidszoon de Heem, Dutch Baroque period)

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