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Top 10 Most Fragrant Flowers for Arrangements

With so many flowers to choose from, it can be overwhelming to create a flower arrangement. When you are selecting flowers for the arrangement, you want to focus on two areas, how the flowers look, and more importantly, how the flowers smell. If you blindly select flowers, you risk picking flowers with incompatible scents, which ruins the arrangement. There are also some flowers that look gorgeous in an arrangement but produce no scent. If your goal is to enrich your home or workplace with a pleasant floral aroma, make sure to avoid these plants. While there are many pleasant flowers to choose from, 10 of the most fragrant flowers are listed below.


Magnolias are a popular flower because of their large size and vibrant bright colors, but they also have a pleasant, sweet smell. Magnolia’s bloom during the spring and summer. They are one of the easier flowers to grow on your own as well. 


Hyacinths have a unique scent when they are in bloom. The sweet scent lingers in the air for some time, making it an excellent choice for flower arrangements. Hyacinth bulbs are densely packed together, which helps the aroma spread whenever a breeze is present. Hyacinths are one of the harder plants to grow, so it may be easier to purchase an existing hyacinth arrangement. 


Roses have a heady, sophisticated scent. Many beauty products utilize rose oil because of its fragrant scent. Many associate roses with beauty and elegance, which is another reason they go so well in floral arrangements. There are also multiple variations of roses to choose from, ensuring you have plenty of color options for your arrangement. 


Wisteria has an intoxicating aroma, which ranges from faint to overpowering depending on the type of flower. Wisteria comes in two colors, blue or purple. It does well in both sunny and shady environments. If you want to pair it with other flowers in your arrangement, it is best to use a minimal amount of wisteria so the other scents are not buried.


Freesia is sometimes overlooked in flower arrangements because they are winter flowers. They produce a fruity scent and come in multiple bright colors, including orange, red, and yellow. Darker hues of purple and blue are also available. If you know a flower lover who has a birthday or celebration later in the year, freesias are a great choice for floral arrangements. 


Lavender has a soothing scent, with many relaxation products featuring lavender as a key element. You can normally find lavender listed in perfumes, soaps, and potpourri. In a flower arrangement, it produces a fragrant scent that lingers in the air for long periods. 


Gardenias are a great choice to include in floral arrangements because it naturally produces an aroma to help with pollination. The scent of gardenias is commonly compared to perfume. They are a rich white color, which pairs well with many other flowers in an arrangement. 


Dianthus has a powerful vanilla-like smell. The petals have a unique fringed shape, making the flowers look groomed even when grown in the wild. The flowers are available in both light and darker shades of purple.


Stock flowers are notable because of their deep pink and purple colors. They also have a unique, spicy scent. Stocks are another type of flower which grows in colder temperatures, making it a good choice for winter arrangements. 


Jasmine is another flower known for its scent, although only the white jasmine produces a notable scent. Jasmine is a fairly easy plant to grow. The bright coloring makes it compatible with many other flowers, meaning it fits well into most flower arrangements.