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Flowers make an excellent addition to any home environment. The bright colors and strong fragrances that emit from many types of flowers help improve the overall mood of a room, as well as add much needed freshness to the general environment. However, while many flower arrangements do add life to a home, not all flowers are able to fulfill that promise for a prolonged period of time. Many flowers are prone to wilting and eventually dying after a few days. Even with some maintenance, many flower species have relatively short lifespans when compared to others. Some flowers, however, do have extended lifespans, which allows many to enjoy certain flower arrangements for much longer periods of time. Those who want to purchase flowers for a loved one or the home should consider flowers that possess a longer lifespan. These flowers last well past a few days, giving most enough time to fully enjoy their presence.


Zinnia flowers are considered one of the longest lasting flower species. Fresh cut zinnias stay relatively fresh for up to a period of 24 days, as long as the water is changed every two days. A Johnson’s Seeds study found that zinnia blossoms, examined as a part of their experiment, stayed fresh for as long as 17 days after being cut.

Alstroemerias – the Peruvian Lily flower

Another long lasting flower, alstroemerias are considered hardy flowers that grow in different shades of orange, purple, pink and white. Most alstroemeria varieties may last as long as two weeks after being cut, while those grown in England can stay relatively fresh for up to three weeks.

Strelitzias – the Birds of Paradise flower

Also known as the birds of paradise flower, the Strelitzia flower possesses a tropical and eccentric appearance, which are comprised of a thick tall stem and strangely shaped petals. Strelitzia flowers also last relatively long after being cut, which can be a period lasting at least two weeks.


Elegant orchid flowers also possess a long lifespan. All orchid flowers last for a period up to three weeks when properly cared for in a clean container. Cymbidium orchids are especially hardy since their petals are not as fragile as other orchid varieties. Orchids should have their water changed out every two days, and have their stems and wilting blossoms trimmed to prevent energy loss within the flower stems.


The colorful carnation flower is relatively budget friendly and long lasting. These voluminous blossoms can last as long as two to three weeks after being cut. When maintaining these long lasting flowers, remove leaves and petals that approach the water level inside the vase where the flowers reside.


The delphinium flower is an excellent choice for those who love shades of blue and purple. They stay just as vibrant for a period of 14 days with proper care. Delphinium flowers need to reside in a place away from where ethylene gas may emit, such as where fresh produce may sit out.


Colorful chrysanthemums last a long time, generally as long as 25 to 30 days after being cut. Although incredibly long lasting, these beautiful blossoms need constant care and attention. They need to have their water changed every day, as well as have a semiregular stem trimming. It is suggested to get chrysanthemums with relatively long stems to offset the amount of trimming they will need.

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