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The National Retail Federation in the U.S. found that a large percentage of people send flowers and cards to their loved ones during holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. As much as 81 percent of people send cards to loved ones, while 66 percent give flowers as gifts. Those figures suggest that flowers are a popular gift choice for family and friends.

In many cultures, flowers act as shorthand for conveying a variety of feelings from the gift-giver to the recipient. For over several millennia, humans have cultivated flowers for a number of different purposes, such as medicinal use, even before people celebrated holidays like Mother’s Day. During holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, flower retailers often work overtime to fulfill orders before, during, and even after the holiday passes. Both holidays celebrate appreciation for loved ones, which usually involves the exchange of heartfelt gifts like flowers to mothers and spouses.

Pew Research uncovered data regarding how often Americans search for flowers over the internet. According to their data, more Americans now search for flowers on Mother’s Day than other holidays like Valentine’s Day. Google has also learned of a similar trend occurring over the years. Flower searches on Google Search often peak during the Friday before Mother’s Day and during Valentine’s Day itself.

Why People Like Flowers

The frequency of flowers searches on the internet indicates that people like gifting flowers to others. It also means flowers remain popular gift ideas for a reason. People simply enjoy gifting and receiving flowers, since they are considered naturally beautiful, brighten up a variety of settings, and often have great smelling fragrances.

A Rutgers University study found that people like giving flowers as much as they like receiving them. Those who give flowers to others were perceived as much happier, as well as more sociable and successful in their personal endeavors. Another study published in the Evolutionary Psychology journal revealed that flowers could be a powerful inducer of positive emotions. During the study, women shown flowers always produced some type of smile. Older people in the study were found to report gaining a positive mood and improved memory after viewing flowers.

Some researchers suggest that there are several reasons why flowers impact human emotion. Traditions associated with flowers were found to have an emotional impact on people, as well as the inherent stimuli produced by the natural qualities of flowers. The response produced by flowers around the world may be learned from long-standing traditions involving flowers. Some also suggest the way flowers have been bred over centuries have had an emotional impact on people. Humans tend to be attracted to certain flower colors, as well as the natural symmetry and aroma of flowers.

The researchers also looked into the possibility of human sensitivity to certain types of chemicals emitted from flowers, as some plants are known to mimic sex pheromones. The breeding of flowers may also influence why people like flowers, since the ongoing breeding of flowers throughout centuries have only allowed the most aesthetically pleasing flowers to survive.

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