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(“North Pole or Bust” bouquet)

Popular Winter Flowers

There are many flowers that blossom in mild climates through mid-winter, such as Winter Jasmine and Calendulas.

  • Calendulas (Calendula officinalis) are basically common marigolds and are ideal for planting in warm climates. They will bloom until mid-winter and are very much like daisies. These cheerful little blossoms also last for a great while after they are cut and in vases.
  • Winter Jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum) will actually rear its little yellow head in winter and early spring and are known for their lush green leaves. Although unscented, these flowers are beautiful and sturdy. 
  • Pansies are very resilient and will live through the winter. They also spread very easily, are beautiful, and sweetly scented.

“Glory of Easter” bouquet

  • Algerian Irises actually start to bloom around Thanksgiving or so and thrive in the winter light. For a gorgeous bouquet featuring blue irises, visit Chelsea Flowers for their springtime favorite, Glory of Easter. This arrangement is just what you need to beat the winter blues; it also features yellow and orange tulips, tiny daisies, and carnations.
  • Amaryllis is an incredibly popular winter flower and has become a go-to gift. A sort of rival of poinsettias and schlumbergera truncata (commonly known as a “holiday cactus”), potted amaryllis is ideal for indoor winter décor but one must wait until spring to plant the bulb outdoors.
  • Holly is, of course, a favorite all winter long and not just around the holidays. For a beautiful bouquet filled with red hypericum berries, consider the North Pole or Bust arrangement by Chelsea Flowers. It makes a perfect hostess gift and is even appropriate for Valentine’s Day as it is filled with white roses.


Don’t Forget: Valentine’s Day is a Winter Holiday!

  • Red roses are a winter favorite!
  • We are still in the throes of winter on Valentine’s Day so remember that red roses are a beloved cold-weather blossom. Purchasing roses from a florist is ideal as they are very good quality and make ones grown in hothouses pale in comparison. The buds will burst open and last for days and days instead of wilting. Consult Chelsea Flowers for their exquisite red roses. The elegant London-based florist also offers sumptuous white, yellow, and pink roses (for long-stem or regular options, pricing, and bouquet sizes, visit

More Flowers to Consider as Winter Gifts

  • English Primroses
  • Violets
  • Kaffir lilies
  • Camellias

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